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Ugh.... tech support

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So, what's up with the sorry state of tech support these days?

I remember about 10 years ago when I first started setting up a network for my computers back at home. When I ran into problems, I'd call up the tech support. They'd answer almost immediately, speak perfect english, and solve my issue very quickly.

Nowadays? Nowadays I'm lucky if they pick up after an hour on hold, if I don't have to ask "What was that?" every 2 minutes, and if they even help me!

Most of the time I feel like *I* know more about their products and my problems than they do! That's ridiculous! Aghaghagh

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Outsourcing happened to it. ;)

It's cheaper to pay someone $1 an hour than to pay tiers of tech support here.

Tiers being the different levels.

Tier 1 = people off the street with no real working knowledge of what they're supporting.

If they can't help you, it went to Tier 2. Which were people solidly trained in the product.

If they failed to help, you went to the Tier 3s that made the real money and generally had majored in whatever field it was in (CS majors usually) that could help without a doubt.

Even the Tier 1s typically made around 9 dollars an hour.

I remember reading a book by Scott Adams that said something to the effect of 'At some point companies realized it was more profitable to screw over your employees and customers than to bother making decent products.'

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So that is why it takes three hours, and three different transfers, each time having to repeat the problem ALL over again - for my Dell laptop.  (And I even paid for two years of support in my purchase contract.)

I end up showing a real ugly side of myself.

Off thread, one time I made a airline reservation from Tampa Bay and never did get an e-mail reservation notification. When I called back I was notified that they thought it was Campa Bay, where ever that might be located!!

IMHO I believe that outsourcing is a large moral issue;it is a form of explortation, like how we employ migrant farm workers. But I'm old fashioned that way. But, what the heck am I doing putting moral up there with capitalism.

On another note, I just heard that Cheney shot someone (accidently) while hunting in Texas. Need to check this out.

See ya


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My favorite outsourced tech-support story (and yes, it happened to me):

My computer refused to boot up, so I spent about half an hour elbow-deep inside the case shifting various bits around with the assistance of my friendly neighborhood tech-support-man. (And by 'neighborhood', I mean 'located in India'. And by 'friendly', I mean...well, you get the drift.)

We've now spent ten minutes shifting a jumper back and forth over various pins and trying different things with each move. I decided to lighten our rather somber atmosphere and joked "Hey, I guess next I need to move the jumper, huh?"

"Ma'am, I will TELL YOU what you need to do. You need to WAIT for MY instructions..." and so on and so forth for about thirty seconds.


"Now, please move the jumper - "

At that point I had to clap my hand over my mouth so that he wouldn't hear me explode with laughter.

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Slyvia: Yeah, I work on computers for a living, and I had to argue with Dell for six hours to get my dad a new mobo for his laptop.

I also told them I didn't WANT their lowest bidder idiots to come put it in, I'd do it myself cause they screwed it up last time.

They asked why I thought I was more qualified than the 'Dell Certified (TM probably)' repairman they would send out.

The answer? 'Because I'm too smart to do a $30-40 an hour job for $8 and they're not.'

The real answer is I had to TELL the fool how to do it the first time and he still fried the board from incompetence. (God forbid I not sit there and watch their 'certified technician' do the whole thing to prevent a screwup.)

checkerboards: Yeah, CMOS reset jumper is the first thing phone techs go for on a flat dead computer after loose connectors. It's hard to troubleshoot 'It won't come on.

Then again, I've had a guy bring a computer in that was a Compaq that'd been hit by lightning. It actually had burns in the case. Melted plastic galore. The board had a big black hole in it. The guy still made him go through moving the jumper around and checking cable connections. ;)

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I was on the phone last Saturday with Dell for almost the whole afternoon trying to figure out the setting for my wireless. I was this close to getting a new  wireless modum from my local cable company cause I knew I would get quicker service from them.  Usually by the end of the telephone call I am tearing at my hair, throwing the phone...like a said, not a pretty scene. But I am glad to know how that tier system works, I might have more patience the next time. Thanks.


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There's a story I have to add from about 5-6 years ago. I was building my first PC, and it was going pretty smoothly. I ordered parts online and had set it up perfeclty. But it wouldn't complete the boot process. I spent days trying to figure it out myself, and eventually at the urging of my parents I took it in to CompUSA to have their (supposedly A+ certified techs) look at it.

3 weeks later they still hadn't fixed it. Finally I took it into a local tech shop that primarily delt in hardware. The guy fixed it in a day. Turns out I had a bum PSU that fried my mobo. They even gave me a discount on replacement hardware.

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I'm an actual American English speaking tech support person who lives in the United States. I have also used the services of non-English speaking people who try to pretend they're from England or something. Hello, I KNOW what English people sound like and can hear the difference!

We just have to boycott and fight the power! I'm interested in jobs coming back to the US too. We are actually understood by our customers which makes us better in that sense at least, and no 50 transfers to 90 countries! (wait, my math...!!!)

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