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Luvox anyone

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So it didn't help with the ocd? 

This is the last I have to try for ssri's?  I tried the others and was tired, lazy, etc on them.

I have never tried adding in wellbutrin which alot of people do? 

i was on it for seven years, and for most of that time my mental illness was in remission and i never had bad side effects from it.  the only thing that i'd strongly caution is drinking caffeine while on it.  it wasn't until some six years on luvox that i heard any kind of word that i should avoide caffeine while on it, and then really only until last year (and through my own research)  through crazymeds.us specifically why not.


Finally, and this is news to me, mixing caffeine and Luvox can be intensely unpleasant. The first study back in 1996 states, "The results indicate that intake of caffeine during fluvoxamine treatment may lead to caffeine intoxication."  Your one cup of joe will suddenly become like five cups, and the effects will last six times as long.  These effects have been confirmed by subsequent studies, including one that shows these effects with just 10mg of fluvoxamine.  Don't mix coffee and fluvoxamine!  Thanks to one this site's readers for e-mailing the first study to me.

i would correct jerod there though, and say its not 'intensely unpleasant' at first.  at first it makes you feel really really good.  at least it did for me.  i think i was unwittingly abusing this property for some time, and was unaware of it.  i just knew that i felt really really good when i drank a bunch of cokes at a restaurant.  eventually i would just get headaches though when i drank any kind of caffeine, and afterwards i think it just made it a lot harder for me to feel any kind of dopamine rush - and i don't know if i ever adapted back to normal. 

so i've become something of a campaigner on that aspect of the meds.  most docs would probably be surprised even to hear about it.  but the same liver enzyme responsible for breaking down caffeine, also breaks down luvox.  so when you're on luvox i guess you have a really hard time metabolizing caffeine so it stays in your system longer, and gives you a heightened effect.  that's the only thing i'd caution you about.  other than that i had a lot of success on it, but it eventually just made me feel like the other ssri's i've tried since then: numb, and it didn't do a whole lot to stop my obsessive mindset.  except when i was on caffeine and felt really good.

also its only available in a generic form in the us now, because the original manufacturer must have given up on trying to market it in the us and hold onto its patent.  i'm not sure when they made the switch, but it was probably during the last couple of years i was on it, and i wonder if that made an impact on its efficacy for me.


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