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I think i was almost arrested

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So its been a crazy 3 days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) with lots of drinking, far from the usual for me, but i wanted to be supportive to a really cool coworker, who invites me and my younger brother over to drink sometimes.

Thursday was sort of his Bachelor party (nothing crazy; more symbolic than anything else)

Friday (Yesterday) was a more relaxed social gathering.

Saturday  (today) was the actual wedding and we started to party afterwards, but we went to this new high end restaurant to check it out.

Well thats where we made a big mistake, me, my younger brother, and 1 other guy each had 1 drink, we were chilling and then my younger brother had to go #1 and the bathroom was occupied, so he tried to go off the deck; well we stopped him and then he went inside and i followed him and then we were both kicked out.

And then to make matters worse they still said we had to leave when we were in the parking lot talking to a friend that we met there (the guy that got married earlier today) who was on the other side of the fence and wasnt complaining about us.

Then my younger brother tried talking to these people in the parking lot and they were very uncomfortable and said they were sorry but somebody they knew died recently and they wanted us to back off.

So we both backed off and my younger brother went closer to them and tried to talk to them.

And i was thinking to myself how stupid he was being and i seriously thought we were gonna get arrested because those people didnt know us and were scared  (i doubt they even noticed my younger brothers' piercings or tattoos as it was very late; but i know that makes some people feel uncomfortable in itself).

Then i was saying to my younger brother how i was so close to choking him out just so he would leave those people alone if he didn't back off.

And now we are back home and i know 2 parts of 1 seriously important lesson.

1. Dont try to go #1 in a public place like that (i knew that anyways and thats why we all stopped my younger brother) even way though it was way past when it gets dark.

2. You dont know whats gonna make somebody uncomfortable; possibly enough so to call the cops.

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4 hours ago, Gearhead said:

Did you actually say out loud within hearing distance of those people that you were going to choke your brother? That would be very frightening to a lot of people, piercings, tattoos, or no. 

No i didnt, i was thinking it because the people were already very uncomfortable and didnt want us near them; and it was so dark i dont know if they saw his piercings.

The first time we were just passing by them, and then i stayed back when my younger brother went closer and they had repeated that they didnt want to be bothered.

I was really freaking out because you never know what people are going to make up if they really felt uncomfortable enough to call the cops.

And personally i hate cops, there are too many bad ones out there that are complete jerks, even if you didnt do anything wrong; if they give you a speeding ticket they will add extra MPH to make it stick, and they twist your words around to try and make you sound like a bad guy.

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