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Coming off zyprexa, going on latuda. 12th try to come off. Gave up before because withdrawal way too bad. Have developed some health conditions since. Just turned 50 this month. Been on Zyprexa 27 yrs. Told Dr this is it. He said no. I stopped myself. Physical withdrawal came first. Treated myself with plenty water,rest,T3 for headaches, magnesium to cleanse my system faster, yoga to keep strength up,benzos for extreme anxiety. It was going well till week and half later, my thoughts started to become erratic. Went into hospital . went on latuda, plus 300 neurontin added to my ativan for the anxiety.  Was discharged after 5 days. 3 days later, as more of the zyprexa is leeching out, I've developed severe depression , paranoia, and suicidal ideation. I don't care how bad this all gets....I will not let them put me back on Zyprexa. I have to hold my ground. I'll probably be going back into the hospital tomorrow, because the suicidal thoughts are too strong. I'm only going in to be safe,...not to go back on that drug. Looking forward to a healthy future... My mantra. When all is said and done....I'm there if someone needs a hand. Keep the faith. Love...Audrey.?

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