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A scary story...


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In November of 2004 I joined the forums over at www.ehacked.com. I introduced myself and dove right in. It was a BLAST. In February 2005 I lost interest and stopped going. So the other day I was browsing and organizing my favorites list and saw a link to the forums. I went and my old username still worked. So I re-introduced myself and then went right on to posting. A few people who remembered me started replying to my threads and soon a conversation got started. I told them about my kidney problems and after about 4 posts, some of them started to get really rude. They demanded that I go to the hospital. They called me stupid for not going. They even said I was an idiot for being on so much medication! Excuse me!!!! It's my body, goddamnit. One user didn't even believe me when I said my pdoc keeps a check on my LFT's (liver function tests). It's not like I'm interested in the psych field or anything... A mod BANNED me for twenty minutes for being an "attention whore." I didn't ask for their attention, advise, or pity in the beginning. They got pissed all on their own. Fucking idiots.

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Oh, and I did end up going to the ER, after I called my GP. The on-call doctor wouldn't admit me. But tomorrow my GP is going to do another urinalysis and if it is positive for infection he is going to admit me. Here's the original thread. See if you can figure out why they got pissed:

Mod1: welcome back Loverbunny! I missed you, whats on hun?

Me: Not much :) Right now I'm trying to get over a nasty UTI. I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in August, which makes the UTI twice as bad. My sugar is staying up, even though I'm not able to eat. And the infection is sticking around. I've already finished two rounds of antibiotics. I am going back to the doctor on Monday. I think I may have to go in the hospital for a few days. I don't want to lose a kidney at 21.

Mod1:Not much :P Right now I'm trying to get over a nasty UTI. I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in August, which makes the UTI twice as bad. My sugar is staying up, even though I'm not able to eat. And the infection is sticking around. I've already finished two rounds of antibiotics. I am going back to the doctor on Monday. I think I may have to go in the hospital for a few days. I don't want to lose a kidney at 21.

Me: Thanks! I hope so too. But for now I am staying doped up on pain killers and anti-nausea meds and spending quality time with my heating pad. Life is pretty good when you're drugged up. Resident nurse eh? Who might that be?

Nurse: The nursey would be me. Your sugar is gonna stay up while youre on the antibiotics. My best advice to you is drink, drink drink (water). You'll probably have to go into the hospital (which BTW is the very best thing for you right now) and get some IV fluids, cause I'm sure youre dehydrated, hense the nausea. Plus they can monitor your glucose and kidney function levels. The IV pain meds are killer but the phenergan IV burns like a bitch!!!! If they are gonna do a phen IV ask them to dilute it. You should be on your feet again soon. Hope ya feel better and keep us updated.

Me (to Nurse): I've had this UTI for over three weeks now. I took 10 days of Amoxicillin after the first urinalysis showed only nitrates. Two weeks later I went back to the doctor in excruciating pain. The second urinalysis showed blood, white cells, protein, and infection. So now I am finishing a week of Cipro. I am drinking 1/2 to 1 gallon of water a day. My intake is way higher than my output. I am only going to the bathroom two or three times a day. The doc suspects a kidney stone or two but a KUB on Tuesday didn't show anything. It hurts to even *touch* my back around my kidneys. I haven't been throwing up...just nauseated. And I haven't been able to eat. The lowest my sugar has been was 105 yesterday at 6:15...and I hadn't eaten since 10am. I'm running a slight fever today but the tylenol from the Lorcet is keeping it down. Right now I am just drinking water and trying to rest. I would be drinking cranberry juice but it would cause my sugar to go even higher and I don't need more free floating sugar than there already is in my bloodstream.

Idiot1 (Not a doctor) : You need to be on IV drugs. You need to be in the hospital. Your doctors are stupid.

Me: I know. My mom thinks I do too--she's a RN. I am going Monday to the doctor. If the Cipro was going to do anything, I would've started feeling better by Wednesday because I started it on Monday. If anything, I feel worse than I did on Monday and Tuesday (both days I went to the doctor). I think I need to get my GP to refer me to an endocrinologist to manage my diabetes and any complications from now on.

Idiot1 (Not a doctor): I meant, go to the ER, right now.

Niceguy: Yeah, any kidney pains are bad... even if they know you are ill. If your back is sore to the touch, it means they are swelling to the point where they are just below the skins surface...

Idiot1 (Not a doctor): In the battle between you and kidneys, kidneys will win unless you go to the hospital and get IV antibiotics. Go. Now. I didn't survive a five-month ordeal with a staph infection to watch you sit on your ass.

Me: ;[ The ER docs in town are idiots too. Last month my sugar spiked to over 500--my meter just said HI. So I went to the ER in town and they rushed me in and started an IV, drew blood, etc. The doctor came in and started accusing me of eating stuff I'm not supposed to eat. I would've had to eat a whole birthday cake by myself for it to spike that high! All I'd eaten was 1 CUP of corn flakes....8 hours prior to the ER visit. He started berating me about eating corn flakes and stuff. He admitted me to the hospital and they gave me IV fluids and insulin and stuff and it came down by the next morning. I'd much rather have my doctor order the admit.

Idiot1 (Not a doctor): Then call him/her. Make someone page them. Drive to a different ER. Demand IV antibiotics at the original ER.

Niceguy: Then go see your doc...

Me: I  can't see my doc on a Saturday. I should've went back yesterday instead of laying in bed all day.Niceguy: Does your doc get paid? Yes he does. No matter the time of day or night.

Idiot1: CALL THEM, PAGE THEM, DEMAND IV. Three weeks is far too long to deal with a kidney infection.

Me: The first one I ever had lasted a month. It was caused by Topamax. (I also got a kidney stone that I passed.) But I wasn't diabetic then. My psychiatrist put me back on a low dose of Topamax for mood stabilization and to combat weight gain that can come from two of the meds I take at night--Seroquel and Remeron, even though I have *lost* weight on them. So I weaned myself off of Topamax this week. I took my last dose yesterday. I'm thinking that the kidneys will thank me when the Topamax is out of my system.

Niceguy/Idiot2: You're full of drugs girl! No wonder your body is getting angry with you! Weaning off means you're kind of dependant on the stuff, any dependancy is bad, very bad.

Idiot1: I'm thinking GO TO THE HOSPITAL. If you KNOW the ciprofloxacin should've kicked in by Wednesday and it's Saturday and nothing's changed, you sitting on your ass is not fucking smart. Stupid girl. I give up.

Nurse: You need to pee....take our advice and go to the ER. I had a similar experience with dehydration myself and when they read my kidney function tests my kidneys were starting to shut down. If you don't like your local ER..go to another cities....but for God's sake ...go!!!!

Me: I'm not stupid...

I just know that it takes diabetics longer to heal. I asked my mother what I should do...since she IS a nurse and I live with her. She said to wait and see how things go this weekend. She knows all the doctors at the ER here and knows they're all idiots. So...in short. I will be okay to wait until Monday. If things suddenly get worse...i.e. I start pissing blood, running a fever over 101.0, vomiting, the pain gets so bad I can't walk...I will go to the ER. But as for now, I have felt the same since Wednesday. I am not getting better or worse. My mother has been keeping a check on me, my blood sugar, my food intake, my fluid intake *and* output.

Me: The only medication I am on that my body has built up a tolerance/dependency to is Klonopin, and I'm still on a low dose of that. I'm just one of the people who isn't ever going to be able to take Topamax. It's okay though....the Seroquel will compensate for the loss of it.

Idiot2: How that can be construed as "okay" is beyond me :/

Me: What do you mean? I take Seroquel for sleep, anxiety, and obsessive thought control. Topamax also helped with obsessive thought control. I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Recurrent Major Depression, and possible Bipolar II. The only medication I take regularly that is habit forming is Klonopin. I have been on the same dose since June 05. Everything else (Effexor XR, Seroquel, Trazodone, Remeron, Lantus (insulin), Humalog (insulin), Synthroid, and Glucophage) are not habit forming...and it is unlikely that I will need all 5 psych meds for the rest of my life. I will decrease eventually, when I am more stable.

Synthroid is for hypothyroidism...when one part if your endocrine system is messed up, the rest goes to shit.

Lantus is a long-lasting insulin I take every night. I use a moderate sliding scale of Humalog for when my sugar is over 150 and under 400. And I take Glucophage twice every day.

...I'm one big pill.

Mod1: Do what you like, forgive us for giving a shit.

Idiot2: That's what I mean. I have my share of illnesses, but have never, ever been on that many meds... Nor has anyone Ive ever known...

Your liver must be on overdrive

Me: Jebus. Why are y'all getting pissed? I appreciate your concern, really. I called the doc. I'm waiting on him to call me back, mk?

And, the only reason I am on so many psych meds is because my depression has been treatment resistent for 6 years. My psychiatrist is going to decrease my meds after I have been stable for one year...stable meaning no hospitalizations. I was hospitalized twice last year, once in June for 6 days and once in December for 11 days.

Mod1: *attention whore*

Me: And my psychiatrist keeps a check on my liver function and other blood tests evert 3 months. It's always normal.

Mod1: BS. A psychiatrist? you sure.

I banned this noob for a day for being such an attention whore, I dont believe a feckin word of it. you can over throw if you want, meh* If it wants to post then it will get over it.

Nurse:  was just trying to help...................fucking kids.

Mod1: would a psychiatrist be involved with liver function?

Nurse (Who I might add, IS NOT A DOCTOR): They monitor liver function tests...those meds are hard on your liver.

Mod1: I lifted the ban. I think 20 minutes was enough.

Idiot2: Pussy mod! pussy pussy pussy! Not standing by your convictions... pussy pussy ;)

Mod1: wtf you on about? I stood by my convictions and banned the attention seeker for 20 minutes? I can do that, so thats what i did. Any questions?

Idiot1: At 21 years old, I highly doubt she DOES know her body all that well. Even at 50, people don't. Anyone who isn't trained to look for signs of certain things [aka a doctor, or even better, a specialist] generally knows squat about their own body.

Me: Okay...I'm not an attention whore. I don't understand why y'all got so pissed off about me being on medications and not going to the doctor. Despite being young I do know quite a lot about the medical *and* psych fields (being a pre-med psych major and all...) A psychiatrist is a MD--they *have* to go to medical school and did an internship and residency just like every other doctor out there. Yes, my psychiatrist checks my LFT's, my thyroid and does a full metabolic work up every three months. My GP does a complete metabolic work up every 6 weeks.

Anyway...I have dealt with my body my entire life and I know when I need to go to the doctor or not. Yesterday I went to the ER, I spent 7 hours in there only for the doctor to send me HOME with more Cipro.

And I don't understand why I was banned, even for a few hours? This isn't even a big deal.

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Heya sheismistaken,


People are idiots.

Obviously those people are among those who just haven't got a fucking clue.

Us MIs and you diabetics have to know our bodies a *lot* better than the worried well.

Sorry, I'm raging a bit tonight and your experience among supposed friends just really, really sucks.


We're here for ya hon.

You did the right thing, if that helps.  Holding out to see your doc.  You *do* live with an experienced RN, after all.


(actual doctor)

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