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My crazy Sister In Law

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So. I have to vent somewhere  everyone else is tired of hearing me complain

I have a sister in Law who is Bipolar1 , I'm pretty sure she isn't taking her medication but let me start from the top .

three months ago my mother in law an my other sister in law sam got a call from my sister in law,s husband saying that my sister in law was going to kill her self an she was down at an abandoned house owned by my mother in law . With a bunch of guns . So of course they went down there  and called the cops freaking out because her Husband and her have been having problems an she has been extremely unstable . They went down and found a strange man and no sister in law . So they asked who he was turns out it was my sister in laws lover of 14years . My mother in law had some words with him kicking him off her property  and he left . Turns out my sister in law lets call her R . R and her lover changed the locks on the old house claiming it as their own not asking anyone's permission and were drinking , doing drugs and going though everyone's stuff . Her lover apparently called her up mad and "broke up " with her so she called her mother cussing her out. Fast forwarded to present day. R ended up losing her job because of failing  a drug test an her lover just plain didn't take the drug test an he also got fired. The house owned by my mother in law was broken into twice by R and her lovers friends stealing 2,000 dollars worth of stuff an using the money for drugs an to go out to eat getting her hair done and stuff like that . R started to post stuff about. Her old job slandering everyone stating that she has contacted a lawyer because they refused her unplyoment  and that she was going to sue the company she worked for . R ended up fighting her own sister , cursing out  her 4 year old nephew and anyone who got in her way . And blocked everyone on Facebook while telling everyone we were the ones who blocked her . Basically she has run wild doing hard drugs not taking her meds which she never really took right anyways . Stealing cheating an lying  just to satisfy her life style . It's been hard for the whole family  at this point  it's only her  main family members that believe that she has lost it everyone else is in Deinal  it's really sad an very stressful . It All feels like a dream. I just want my sister back  

Also she has two kids 13 and 14 that she has abandoned an gave all parental rights to her ex husband

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So sorry to hear this.....I feel very sad for her children, but at least they do have their dad taking care of them.

Unfortunately, IMO, your sis-in-law needs professional help, but until she chooses to get that help, there's not much anyone can do for her.

Now that she has lost her job, the best thing that her family and friends can do for her right now, is refuse to enable her drug use.....That means not giving her any money, no matter how much she begs and cries.

She might possibly even make up stories as to why she needs money---if that happens, just make up your mind now to say no.

Hopefully soon she will realize she needs help, and will get some help.

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My SIL is also batshit crazy, and has abandoned my nephew, giving up custody though not parental rights. She's addicted to prescription painkillers, and I know she has underlying psych issues she's never addressed. There is nothing to be done until she wants help.

I think the best thing you can do in this situation is be there for your neices and nephews. Call them on the phone, maybe take them out to eat, let them know you care and they can talk to you if they need you.

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