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Has anyone taken Mylan brand generic Zonegran? I'm curious as to whether it's more effective than other generic brands. They're violet and white capsules. So far I've tried Camber and Glenmark and they don't seem to be that effective.

I asked my pharmacy about ordering Mylan brand Zonegran at my pharmacy, but they said my insurance wouldn't pay for all of it and that they would have to charge me for the remainder of the cost not covered by my insurance. I would be willing to pay for it depending on, (1) how much extra it would be and, (2) if it's actually more efficacious than the other brands. The only problem is it's back ordered until some time in September.

But I was just going to get some input in advance to see whether it'd be worth paying extra for it.

Any other input about any other generic brands would also be welcome!

Thanks in advance for any responses! :)

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