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I have been doing very well since they changed my medication from Ability to Invega Sustenna. But I feel like I'm on the verge of psychosis again. I have been having suspicions about my supported living manager trying to make my life hell and spying on me. I arranged a meeting with my social worker and the manager as I was convinced I was going to elicit a confession out of her. The meeting come and basically they both said they think I'm becoming unwell again. I then thought she mentioned my illness to belittle my worries blaming my SZA disorder because that aids her goals of making my life hell. It was only later that I released that I have blown things out of proportion again. It an hard balancing act maintaining suability because it's easy to become more drawn into  paranoid thoughts that start quite innocently but become more profound and psychotic.

Do you live on the edge of psychosis?

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