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I feel like Fritz the Cat from that 1972 cartoon movie

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In the movie he goes on trying to spread his revelations of a revolution, getting high and drunk a long the way. I used to get high a lot but I quit it, but still occasionally drink. I see Fritz as, for his time, exactly like how I feel—a prophet of which no one listens. I get quite philosophical. I am a picky mediator though. Listen to all and talk to few. I'm learning that there are fewer I can talk to. I am far too crazy for anyone, I feel. Crazy-smart. 

Sometimes I feel like a modern day Christ, but I don't believe that I am "Christ." 

It's hard when people say you're smart but you know you're not as smart as they think. 

Somehow everyone tells me things that I shouldn't know. They tell me everything (everyone). I guess I am blessed.

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