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blah......our cat's MI....and how its seen....


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My flatmates have a cat. 9 year old Dizzy, tabby and white. He is very reserved and jittery at times. My flatmate talks to him and asks if he's disturbed, and that he's panicking etc...

She feels he's been traumatised, both by his past owners and some dental surgery he's had done. (He's a rescue cat)

We're getting him used to feel safe with closeness and cuddles.

I picked him up this evening and gave him a long cuddle. He did eventually relax, I felt him rest his weight (and he is by no means a skinny cat) against me.

I dropped into the conversation with my flatmate that some cats have been put on Prozac.

She said (half talking to me and half talking to Dizzy)that he's mad enough already, he doesn't need pills to mess around with his little brain, to make him even more mad...... :embarassed:  ;):ninja:

I felt.....hurt by that...I know she didn't mean it to sound the way I felt it.....(she knows I am on ADs and her mother is a therapist, and her father has also been on ADs, and has suffered depression recently when recovering from a colon cancer operation....)

but I still feel  :P   :) does that make sense?

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thanks ... its like my brain did a double take.... she is very anti psychiatric meds (tho has taken valium to help her get through long flights......)being a yoga teacher.....and I do see a point....at one point I was very anti meds....but the time came when I HAD to take meds...that or spend all my time hiding under the duvet, or worse....and I owe some modicum of functionality to them.....much as I grump on about my efexor woes.....

like, she's saying that the meds MAKE one mad.....and, as for using the word MAD in front of me...... ;)

she also talks to/about the cat as being fragile, kind of in a condescending way...but not....if that makes sense? being a fragile person myself at times......

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I had a friend with an OCD cat. the cat literally chewed off all of her fur on one part of her leg. a low dose of prozac was given and she stopped chewing off her fur.

it is something to ask the vet about! my cats just need to diet!

you're also the cat's tdoc. cuddles, the freedom to come to you or not, enough of life's essentials, and all that make a great cat owner are needed, plus of course your compassion for this poor cat.

best of luck! i love cats.


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i have an asthmatic cat.

OK at this point most people laugh. true.

I know you haven't.  ;)   only 1% of cats have it. Anyway. At less than a year old, serious asthma attacks, couldn't breathe, we had to go to the animal hospital, she got x-rays and they showed us the 'donuts' that show up in the bronchial tubes when lungs are inflamed.

initially she was put on an oral steroid. we were taught how to give the cat the pill. oh at first also an antibiotic. so we take Bandit home, and she didn't like the pills at first. but i'll tell you, that once she began to figure out that her symptoms weren't as bad anymore (and giving her a treat after the pill :) ) she would hear the pills shake and come for it.

She was a good little patient.  We would tell her it would help her feel better. I think she knew it did.

I would think a panic issue would be similar for a cat. They would NOTICE a difference. it would help.

But yeah, some people have a hard enough time with people on these drugs, let alone animals.

best wishes,


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one of our six kitties has (in my opinion, and that of our vet) PTSD and social anxiety. the best therapies for her have been spooning (to help her feel safe) and periodic months of buspar (to help her feel courageous).

another one of ours is asthmatic and we give her prednesone prn.

kitties are people too, but with more fur.

edited to bat nestling's friend around a bit.

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:P thanks guys.

my cat, who died 2 and a half years ago, ;)   had diabetes. I injected her with insulin every day for 5 years.

she had separation anxiety, and would have a hypo whenever she went in boarding when I was away.....she started out with pretty severe anxiety, she was the original 'my cat likes to hide in boxes'. :ninja: but, over the years that I had her from when she was 5, to 12 (she also was a rescue cat) she grew into such a big softy she was affectionate with everyone, but especially me...I miss her.... :) which is one of the reasons why I am so attached to Dizzy, even tho he's not my cat....and also because I feel an emotional affinity with him.....

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I had a dalmation with severe behavioral problems. We tried both lithium and prozac. Lithium helped more. I've also recently read that if you have a prescription that you no longer use, to call the local vet's office to see if it could be used. I need to see if they need desipramine....

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  sounds to me like the kitty has trust issues for sure. My kitty licks her fur off all the time when she is nervous, and I am an animal communicator. You would think I could get her to stop, but I can't.

  I did ask her once to stop because it was not right for a kitty to not have fur. She did stop for a period of time, but is back at it again due to the severe weather we have had this winter.

  I have tried prednesone. This seems to mellow her out the most, but I don't do it often.  The more you use it, the more they grow accustomed to it. She also has some safe places where she can escape to and we let her be.

  I don't suggest Prozac in that my vet told me it was a last resort. I would try Feliway that secretes a pheromone that calms the kitty down. Or, in the case of my kitty, freaked her out more. You have to experiment.

  Talking to her straight out will help a lot. Tell her how good she is. Tell her how brave she is. I used to tell people that Eddy ( kitty's name) was skiddish. But then I started telling people how brave she is. And now she is a different cat. She will stick around and check people out once I tell them she is brave.

  There are a lot of things you can try before meds. I understand how you could be hurt by your room mate's comment. I get them all the time. But just let it go and concentrate on making your kitty bolder.

  I don't know the exact work you had done on her teeth, but I doubt that was the cause. I would say it is more likely where she was as a kitten.


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Simon is my beautiful, nearly 3 year old, cat who is an asthmatic and has anxiety issues.  People *always* start to laugh at me when I tell them about Simon.

He's on prednisone for the asthma and clomicalm for the anxiety.  The clomicalm has made such a difference for Simon, he's much less likely to show an exaggerated startle response.  As an added bonus Simon has stopped peeing on my couch, this is a wonderful event that many people don't properly appreciate:).

The clomicalm really has made a difference in Simon's quality of life.  It isn't side effect free (interestingly it has many of the same side effects in cats as humans) but is worth the added effort.  It's not ideal to have a cat on long term behavioural meds, but sometimes it is the best route.  After all, if I get my crazy meds my cat should too... or something like that.

I also tried Feliway but had only moderate success for my cats.  Seemed to help a bit with clawing vertical surfaces, but not much else.

Alissha the crazy animal lady, with the MI cat.

Edited to put the part about Feliway in.

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