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New here and happy to have found this forum

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I can't say I remember how I found this board--most likely I was googling "bipolar support group" or something--but I joined back in May and haven't posted until now.

Here is my abbreviated history with having bipolar:

  • Misdiagnosed as major depressive at 26 and always felt that wasn't quite right
  • First pdoc retired, second was horrible, third judged my then-current situation so I bailed
  • Current pdoc was who finally diagnosed me correctly (bipolar 2 with panic disorder); he's fine but only use him for scripts because I'm afraid of being judged again, so I show him only the tip of the iceberg
  • I do not go to therapy because I feel like there is nothing a therapist can tell me that I've not already heard
  • My therapy is my horse and the barn I volunteer at; I am happiest and most myself there
  • I take a mood stabilizer, an SSRI, and a benzo (as needed)
  • I feel like meds have saved my life, but I do miss my manias (as many of us do--crazy likes to be crazy sometimes)

I'm happy to have found this community. In-person resources are sorely lacking in my city (as I imagine they are in lots of places). Yay stigma!

Also, I LOVE the title of this board. You are my people. :wub:



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I also enjoy the progression through the manic side immensely. All that clarity and creativity is fascinating.. right up to the second the switch gets flipped into overdrive and it all spirals out of control. 

I would love to find a therapist that could be even half as stubborn, obstinate, and passionate about guiding me as I am about rebelling against their attempts to help me recognize the flaws in my perspectives or how I express myself. 

I have nearly zero patience for the 99% of the population who can't possibly begin to relate to this insanity. I need to find a psycho crazy psychotherapist to stoop to my level of frustration with it all.. and then coax me up to their level of communication skills. 

Such irony. The medical professional that would have the most success with me is the exact same one that nobody else on the planet would ever fully trust with the garbage in their mind.

I am also new to the forum. Luckily, I have plenty of time to be a sponge and review the shared knowledge, experiences, frustrations, hiccups, breakthroughs, and milestones happening every day in here. 

There are a whole bunch of very knowledgeable and very caring, compassionate people in here. 

Additionally, the moderators do an excellent job of encouraging the positive, healthy vibes while minimizing the pointless judgement and criticism that typically plagues internet chat environments. 


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Hi, FaucetGenie (interesting name). Welcome!

The bipolar board has always been a vibrant place. Not only is it a surprisingly common disorder, but half the members are manic at any given time. Whee!

Please PM me or one of the other mods if you need any help negotiating the site.


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