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Antipsychotic Headaches...why?

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i have chronic migraine and bipolar disorder. 

The medication I currently take is:

25mg Nozinan

40mg Latuda

0.5mg clonazapam, as needed

zomig nasal spray, as needed for severe migraine

ketoralac as needed

cambia as needed

almotriptan, as needed for medium migraine

tremadol, as needed*

tylonol 4, as needed*

*I cut my wrist really badly about three weeks ago trying to kill my self that's why I am taking those pain killers.

im really at a loss regarding medication, and I need some help. Some insight from others.

i have tried, risparadone, invega, and abilify all resulting in the same migraine style headache. 

I was on abilify for about 4 weeks when I gave up because of the headache, which never grows in intensity, never went away. Even with pain killers. Abilify was the best drug for my condition. I felt like a normal functioning person except this damn headache that won't go away...

Now, I have been also on olanzapine, seroquel and now latuda. No headache. But no posative effects either.

I see my neurologist in a month and I need to know what I can do to make abilify work.

does anyone think that maybe a drug like abilify wouldn't work because the Nozinan is working against it? Something with nozinan blocking multiple receptors and it being a "dirty drug" something making abilify not work? I don't know. I'm not the smartest cat and I can't seem to get my head around it.

my psychiatrist isn't sure why I'm getting headaches from those type of antipsychotics either.

Any advice anyone can give me an I would greatly appreciate. I'm taking the latuda now which I just started but I don't feel that spark I felt with Abilify.

thanks for taking the time to read my one handed peck typed post.



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