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Not PTSD but trauma

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I don't have PTSD. I have some symptoms and I have been told some things were trauma.

I saw tdoc last Fri and go back this week. I blogged after the session but i really haven't processed it.

I intended to stay in the present, but tdoc kept asking about the past to get a clearer picture. I felt like I was talking about someone else, no emotion. She would look sad and I think I apologized for upsetting her at one point.

Sometimes it is a relief to get things out, but I don't know how i feel.

I really like tdoc, not sure how I feel about going back. 

I have been trying to be more compassionate and forgiving of people and stay in the present.

I think it gave her a better understanding. 

We ended the session on something unrelated which was good.

Is it worthwhile to let secrets and just things you don't talk about and try to forget, out?

She said something about putting a positive spin on things. I don't know that I do that. I am usually realistic.

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My personal belief is that talking through the old "stuff" helps with healing.  The fact that you are hesitant to go back to therapy may mean that you have started to deal with issues that are important to work through. I encourage you to stick with it but maybe you can talk to your therapist about slowing things down and letting you control the pace. 

Good luck! 

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Thank you. I am going back, just not sure what to expect. Thanks for the suggestion for slowing down. There are some things i want to blurt out, so i dont have to think about what i am saying. Maybe i could write some things down. 

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