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The line

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So there's the line. I finaly found it today.

The line that seperates the functioning, from the non-functioning. I found it, i triped over it, and fell right on my fucking face on the non-functioning side.

It's odd though... it seems like I've felt as bad before... but I've managed to zombie through my day at school, I put a sane face on, I do my class work, and I may not give 100% but no one asks questions.

It's usually not until I get home that I become parilized, it's usually my homework that I have trouble with.

But today good old depression -profoundly- impacted my day. He was there all day. It was all I could do to sit and stare in class. I didn't do anything today.

I'm a good student.

Lucky for my the teachers that matter know what's going on, but still...

oh my god this is really getting bad.

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Heya Adnama,

Been there, with the depression-zombie-eating-my-brain-in school syndrome.

It really sucks altogether.

It can start you on a spiral of "God I'm an idiot for being depressed in school" "Crap I suck" "So depressed" ... the usual.

If it's getting worse, like downhill on roller skates, get some followup with whoever's treating you.

And, school will be okay.  It'll keep.  ANd be there when you get back.

Sometimes, just being in the room is important and useful.

Hang in there.


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Ah yes, the elusive line in the sand. And it keeps shifting. Once you know that you can stop driving yourself crazy trying to figure that out.

I am currently teetering on the line. All I know is it gets harder and harder to go on.

Just want you to know you're not alone. Sorry I can't be much help otherwise.


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