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Worries repell others!

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I overreact about everything.  I'm so tired of it but I just don't know any other way.  Everything is the end of the world to me.  Everything is a huge mistake I made, and proof that everyone hates me/I'm in trouble/incompetent/going to get fired/unlikable" etc.

I'm worried about my future.  I'm afraid if I keep being like this I'll never have good people around me b/c I'll drive them away ;)   Sometimes I feel that my worries are toxic.  It's funny because my mood can change so quickly.  I might be having a great morning, but then a couple of upsetting or difficult things happen over the course of the day and by evening I'm miserable and stressed out and/or depressed.  Of I'll be totally down one day and the next day my mood is fine and I'm more relaxed.

I guess one thing I'm wondering is how to "catch" myself when I'm obsessing about something and snap myself back into reality.  I really need to learn how to put things into perspective.  Just now I was talking to my mom about something that I was very upset about, and she was telling me about my sister's problems and I realized that I was totally overreacting.

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If they're really good people, they shouldn't leave you because you have anxiety.

They should reassure you if you're worried needlessly and help you figure out a course of action if it's not needless.

I think most people mess things up. It's just us BPs and MDDs that get strung out over it.

Just because someone else has it worse than you doesn't mean your worries are invalid. If I walk outside and get beaten up by a bunch of ninjas, I've got it bad. Someone somewhere has it far worse, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be worried about another ninja attack.  ;)

(Silly attempt to lighten the mood. :) )

As for catching yourself and snapping back to reality...I don't really know how to help with that. :P I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm still at the 'I screw up everything and I should stop interfering with the world and go live in the woods or something.' stage.

Still. People here like you!

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sounds so much like me, too.....p'r'aps if all us anxious types got together, eh?!

usually I try and 'reality check' with someone I trust.....that often eases my worries.

its also been my experience that the only person my worries are 'toxic' to is me....not that that helps any... ;)


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