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concept: life, but every time I dissociate it gets faster

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Call me Sage. He/him pronouns, please. I'm an obnoxiously pseudo-intellectual 15-year-old with a deep appreciation for ironic humor and old cliche emo music. I front a DID multiple system, sometimes with the assistance of our primary, E. There are 4 others who are "real" besides us (Blythe, Bridget, Delaney, and Stella) but they're younger and have a much lower predisposition to coming to the front. We also have one rather interesting and isolative yet generally benevolent introject as well as some not-so-chill ones, and some unidentified floaters that may be fragments. I'm most likely the one you'll get to know, though.

As an aside, we also have between us diagnoses of PTSD, anorexia nervosa, major depression, gender dysphoria, OCD, and unspecified personality disorder. We're currently on a transdermal MAOI and see an old and slightly creepy guy once a week for gushy, unhelpful therapy. We went to real treatment for the first time in 2013; since then we've accrued an embarrassingly long paper trail of inpatient and residential admissions. Blythe handled the first couple years, but I took over in 2015. Everyone in the family sucks except the cat, and everyone hates us (said the stereotypical teenager).

That's about the sum of it. Catch you on the flip side, CB


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Hello Sage, welcome to CB! 

I'm sorry that it took me so long to respond - I was canoeing through the woods for a few days.  We also not only have a dissociative disorders section (my home base) but we also have a trans section, ptsd, eating disorders, etc. You can post in either as you feel comfortable, as well as other places on the boards.

I will say, though, that CB uses a lot of adult language, so this is one of those places where it's best to tuck the littles away somewhere safe before posting too much. They don't deserve more exposure to "the bad stuff" as we here call it than they've already received. 

Also, if you have any questions or concerns now or going forward, please feel free to PM the staff member of your choice.

Looking forward to seeing your posts around :)

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