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My wife didn't want any flowers!  She says they die too fast.  I painted her a Valentine's Day card with a crimson heart surrounded by a heart-shaped wreathe of ivy.  She loved it so much she took it to work to replace the last painting I did for her.


(depressed. but happy)

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Whatever brightens your day darling!  I go to the indoor market downtown every Saturday and buy myself fresh cut flowers and arrange them myself when I get home into a vase, so I always have fresh flowers at home.  They make me smile.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this! I often buy flowering plants, and at this time of the year bulbs, especially things that smell nice. Then afterwards I have a plant and I can often coax them into blooming again, bulbs I always plant in my garden.

In fact, I have a pot of hyacinths on my desk right now.

It is good for my depression. And for motivating me to actually sit at my desk and work.


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