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i saw a similar question in another section and i've thought a lot about this topic. maybe others with sz/a will have as well.


what does stability look like for you?

for me it's about functioning, level of resilience, ability to reframe circumstances or hear them objectively reframed, it's about not being agitated and about having a sense of humour. not being so obsessive. it's not having urges i feel barely able to control.

voices don't destabilise me unless their command hallucinations, but by the time i'm getting orders a lot has gone down a path of ....it's a cul-de-sac at best going down that path.


anyway... i don't think about it in terms of mood or happiness directly, but in how able to function i am and participate in life. the consequences of it for me are very much that i'm living or i'm enduring. if i'm stable, i'm able to be living.


others' thoughts on the subject?

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I am trying to answer without going on tangents. I think i am pretty stable now.

I hear rare sounds/voices that are not distressing or distracting. My mood is not blah or sad. I have some motivation. I am not agitated. My memory is okay and i can concentrate/focus. I interact with others. I am not mind reading.

no one is looking at me strangely or accusing me of being symptomatic. (Sometimes others notice before i do.)

Some areas of concern: numbing emotions, sleep problems (excessive or too little)- it is hard to explain

Stability for me is about feeling comfortable in my own skin,. I have to feel safe for that. 


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Both the post, and the reply, are very much how I also gauge my own level of stability.

Knowing I am easily provoked, overly emotional, passionate, and flip from angel to devil very quickly, I stay vigilant about evaluating myself for potential concerns.

Resilience. Yes. Social anxiety is a major aggravating factor towards provoking my episodes. Stress management.

Ability to maintain a sleep schedule. Yes. I can very easily recognize ongoing mood swings based on energy levels.

Numbing emotions. Yes. At either end of my spectrum, I lose the capacity to feel, or care, or sympathize, or empathize.

Interpersonal relationships. Definitely. Stability means being able to walk away from an important conversation without an internal debate raging over what was implied vs. what was actually said.. I am always hearing things from a different perspective and finding creative (illogical/delusional) ways to rationalize it. 

Functionality. Yes. Maintaining adequate employment and self-sufficiency are very important to me.

Stability is being able to complete thoughts and follow though with plans and objectives. Staying on schedule. Staying motivated to eat well, exercize, and take proper care of myself. Being respectful of others. A healthy balance of more generosity, less selfishness. Being assertive, not aggressive. Respectfully questioning or clarifying things without being a spiteful, rebellious, self-righteous, narcissistic jerk about it. 

Stability is my ability to withdraw from meaningless drama and not let it affect me. Or, if I acted unfairly, apologize for my poor judgement. 

Maintaining balance.

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