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sleep apnea maybe?

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I went and had a Pulmonary Function test done ordered by my Dr. to find out why I am having such a Hard time breathing at night and sometimes during the day but mostly all Hours of the Night I struggle to breathe and make all kinds of noises when I do go to sleep. And the lady who did my Pulmonary Function test is leaning towards me having Sleep apnea but wants to be sure of that after the lung Dr. Reads my Chart and see what he or she says and I will know in three days what my diagnosis truly is. I am thinking I have sleep apnea too and so does my mom who is a Nurse and she also has sleep apnea but refuses to wear a mask being she doesn't like anything on or around her face while she is sleeping its creepy she says. I will update everyone later and let everyone know if sleep apnea is my diagnosis probably will know for sure once I go to have a sleep study done.

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