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3 Weeks In On Effexor Increase

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I'm going to see my PDoc this week thankfully, but I'm having some issues.

Ever since I started this dosage increase things have gone a bit haywire.

The good:  My mood increased a little bit.  My Sex Drive has increased.

The bad: I've been nervey, anxious/panicky, jumpy, had that weird tunnel vision.  It's been a stressful experience if you can understand that...I assumed by now I'd be feeling "calm and relaxed" but it's not so so far.

Do you guys think I'm at a bad dosage ?  Also, I'm wondering if a seroquel increase would level me out...I have freedom on the ativan and seroquel as long as I don't go passed 1mg ativan daily...Doc wants me on more seroquel, but I have to drive during the day, so the sedation is an issue.

Or I can just wait it out and see have 4-5 weeks if I smooth out...What do you guys think?  Any info, advice is valuable to me right now, especially from those who have endured SNRI startups.

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