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Ive got an interview for a good job

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Im hoping i get the job because i cant keep working where i work as they dont really appreciate anybody, the pay sucks (working at a factory for 4 years to get paid just above minimum year after year) and the company has a lot of BS/excuses.

They always blame the employees for why they are X amount of dollars behind last year (they said $800,000 like 4 or 5 months ago; now the company is back on track and then some), they havent given anybody a raise this year (usually 3% to keep people a little above minimum) and some of my coworkers i hate so damn much; they complain about everything.

Most days i feel like the company is draining my soul out of my body and the work feels more tedious than ever the longer i stay.

They also want to eliminate overtime completely, which is the only time when i feel like im getting paid good.

If i get the job at this other factory i will start at $2 or $3 above my currently hourly wage, have room for raises, and i can get a lot of overtime.

It would help so much as its hard keeping my bills paid with my younger brother not working and i will need any extra money i can save for 2 dental implant.

I should get the job because i show up every day; on time: i work hard, i work overtime, and i am good on pretty much every job they ask me to do where i work.

As much as i put into my work, this barely above minimum wage thing isnt for me, ive been doing it way too long, and i deserve better; cant get it where i work, so i will need a better job at a different place.

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