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When mindfulness and meditation are not enough

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I just wanted to share a recent editorial in the Washington Post by a doctor with respect to the efficacy of mindfulness and meditation versus antidepressants: 


Despite it's title, the article is pretty well balanced. 

I have had a yoga and meditation practice for many years now, and I am certain that it helps a great deal in managing my depression, anxiety, and PTSD. However, I have also struggled with the feeling of being a failure for having had to use medication as well. Articles like these, as well as some pieces by psychiatrist Marc Epstein (who also practices meditation) are very supportive.

Thanks for listening. 


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A lot of reporting of medical issues has the same issue that meditation does. A study will show some initial good results using some treatment for something specific. The popular press will then write that the treatment will give amazing results for much broader uses.

Lifestyle interventions do have great benefits, and there are many of them in addition to mindfulness. For me they mean the difference between severe depression and moderate depression, but (again for me) that was their limit and I wish I had realized that sooner.

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