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refractory psychosis: am i reading this right?

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i was sent this article link via blog: http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/schizophrenia/refractory-psychosis-treatment-options-and-strategies/page/0/4

what i am gleaning from having read that is:

  1. clozaril
  2. high dose zyprexa
  3. ECT whilst on clozaril

1. a. i am already on clozaril (375, divided dose)

2. a. i haven't done "high dose" zyprexa, but am currently on 15 mg (historically i've been on up to 20...i think)

3. a. i did ECT a few years ago for command hallucinations. i'm not super keen on doing it again but it doesn't say, that i saw, anything about maintenance


basically though, i'm posting to check my reading comprehension, which hasn't been super great of late, and to share the article.


melli xx

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