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i do believe that i won't be able to handle taking lexapro only part month for my pms.  last month i guess, honestly, i only took it about 2/3 of the 2 weeks, and i was sick for the week or so after i stopped taking it so i didn't really notice any effects.  but this month because i took it regularly and then stopped ( 10 mg as prescribed ) i think that contributed to depression or whatever it was smashing down on me.

problem now?  i started the lexapro again a week ago because i was desperate for something to help and it's starting to kick in.  i'm like 5 days late on my period but i've been super stressed and i've gained about 15 pounds recently so both could be factors.  but it isn't usually the time when i'd need it.  so anyway i am having a lot of ups and downs, especially the last couple of days.  like woah, feeling better, can handle whatever comes my way, all will be fine, and then sinking into that *tears* life sucks, i hate everyone including myself, i want to do something to hurt myself, and then back to the, ahh, come on, things are great!, join a gym!, spend $200 you don't have and exercise!!, back to *whine*, i'm all aloooooone, people haaaaate me.

could be pms but really it's like the pms i get when i'm NOT on lexapro.  but i guess at least i don't always feel like smashing my hand with a hammer.  i just don't like the constant up and down and never a middle.  i just want to feel nothing again.  so maybe i ought to go back on effexor.  I DON'T KNOW  ;)

edited to add:  i also could not sleep last night.  was up until around 4 and slept fitfully, before getting up before the alarm clock at 9.  I really need like 8 hours of sleep and maybe even 9 to function.  so today i'm up / down and exhausted.

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I tried to take lexapro for a short time last month for hormone/menstrual cycle stuff.It was really hard to handle, and I don't know if I will be able to take it again. It did sort of throw me off and I can't tell if it is worth it or not.

It's so difficult when the pms/hormones effect things so much.  I have frustrations because I can't tell what is the hormone problem, what is  a med, what is just being tired and cranky in general, and so on.  I think I understand what you are dealing with- it can really mess with your sleeping, too.

If you have a really messy sleep schedule, it may help to try to get up at the same time everyday, if you can manage it.But I have a really hard time doing that around my period.

I try to take it easy as much as I can, but sometimes it isn't possible.  I hope you can get the pms aspect figured out, it sounds like it is really hard on you. 


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