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On being targeted in my home


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About a month ago, a neighbor that lives in my apartment community has started pounding on my front door all hours of the night. It's random.  Now, we are talking about pounding, not just politely knocking. Most of it occurs around 3:30 am.  I have been to the property manager and they will do nothing, I have called the police and they will do nothing as they are calling it simple harassment. When the pounding starts, it wakes me out of a deep sleep, usually and by the time I get to the door, whomever, is long gone.  I have a neighbor that I can call when this starts and she will look out her door to see who this is, but by the time she gets her whits about her and gets to her front door, the person has disappeared.

I was offered to move to another apartment, but, heck, I don't think that will work as I am living in a closed environment, there are 100 senior residents here and we all know each other very well, so chances are this harasser will only follow me to my new place and keep up the harassment. 

Although, the new apartment my manager wants to move me to is more desirable, has more amenities, but still, the harassment may continue.

This is highly triggering to me, I'm loosing sleep.  When it wakes me up, I go into fear mode and can't get back to sleep.  Then I am too afraid to go to sleep for the fear that hits me when the pounding starts.  I have tried to get friends or neighbors to stay with me who might be bold enough to open my front door when this happens, but no one is interested in helping me.  I moved here a little over a year ago and really can't afford to move nor do I want to move. 

This is soo unfair. It's just so shocking that anyone would want to do this to me.


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I'm so sorry to read this, it sounds totally unbearable even for someone without your health conditions.

I live in the UK and am not familiar with the laws in the US (if that's where you live).  Have you managed to makes notes of the incidents, exactly when each one occurs, the duration etc?

If you have any reason to suspect that this could be occuring because of your mental health difficulties then the police might be required to do more.  I hope someone else replies to this and can help you.

If you ever want to vent here or talk if it happens again that I'm here to listen! :)



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