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Triazolam/halcyon for dental work

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Anyone have experience with this?

the dentist says I'll have no memory of anything and he's basically requiring I be sedated because he doesn't want my thoughts getting the best of me during the procedures (3root canals). 

Im worried I'll be so drugged he'll be able to implant devices or transmitters but my husband is going with me. 

Anyway, I know this is a type of benzodiazepine but put the question here because of its function for me. Has anyone else take it? 

I see my psychiatrist on the 8th for him to sign off and tell me how to adjust my meds (I'm on clozaril zyprexa abilify Zoloft Ativan and xanax (supposed to be PRN but I've had a rough couple of weeks). 

Experiences appreciated xx

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