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pics that make you laugh


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    • By writehellarandomshiny
      So, every now and then I'll be bored, and check out some of my spam email. Here's some of the weirder ones:
      What are your favorites? 
    • By wj74
      and he is right. LOL I was talking to him about doing better with taking his med, and I was showing him how I have an rx reminder app. He saw that there were two alarms, one for morning, one for night (you can as many as you want...) and he says, "You take medicine in the morning and night??" And I went, "Yeah..." He gave me this look like "Wow"... and I replied, "Whatever keeps the crazies away!" Ahh, the joys of parenting. And taking crazy meds.
    • By crazy
      I guess making a list for the pdoc is a good thing (or bad, depending on how you approach this). I scared the shit out of her and she said she normally doesn't recommend hospital stays but I need to go. So today I'm going to a nice place where the sun is always shining. Sorry for the humor, I'm really scared and rather numb at the moment.
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