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I have had Schizoaffective disorder for a number of years now.    I'm perpetually in physical pain and I struggle to maintain work because my symptoms are so tough. My questions to the forum; 

1) Has anyone ever had people say:    "Really?! You don't seem ill at all"   

2) Is paranoid thinking always a part of your daily life no matter how hard you try?

Here's the deal:    I only hear voices when I'm waking up and falling asleep.   I don't hear voices dictating to me.   But I am convinced about hearing my name amongst strangers' conversations.   I know "the game"   Is probably meant to help me somehow? But it hasn't up until now.  

I have an awareness of my illness but, I utterly fail when it comes to paranoia.   

My social activity is limited. But, I do attend a weekly group. When I'm there, I'm chipper and friendly, because I know that I'm amongst people who won't judge my conversation.  Otherwise, I'm a paranoid mess with strangers.  

Signed,   Do you feel what I feel?  

If you choose to comment, please be kind. Thanks


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