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What the fuck is real anymore?

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Have serious lack of sleep issues (dont we all), but when i do get to sleep (about 4 hours a day, thank god), I have the most vivid dreams.

I've never been much of a dreamer, and when I did dream it was about regular dream-like things (for lack of a better explanation).  Now I have dreams about people I know, have conversations, go on full length roadtrips, have relationships (or part thereof).

Thats fine and all, but the problem lies in that I can't separate the dreams from reality. They're so vivid and clear that when i speak to people the next day they wonder what the fuck I'm talking about! But I thought I'd had the conversation with them earlier that week or so.

Hope that makes sense ....

I dont know if its the medication I'm on (was on Epilim for a while, but it made me sleep (usually a great thing) but it was always in the middle of the day when I had to get things done), but its really getting to me and I'm not really sure how, or if, I can fix it.

Any thoughts or similar problems?

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ive gone through this too w/my latest uppage of topamax.

i dont normally dream.  or if i do, i dont remember it.

but when my topamax gets upped, i  get these weird dreams that seem like real life or a rehash of my day.

its really hard to explain.

its hard to tell where the dream world begins and ends.

it may have something to do w/the anticnvulsants youre on maybe?

i dont know.  my brain is kind of toasty right now.

hope someone is around soon who can be more helpful soon.

sorry im not much help.

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i have the same thing...some of my dreams are so vivid and life-like and conform to reality that i have to stop and realize that some things i think i've remembered as happening are really dreams.  it's very very weird.

i think of my brain as an organic computer which is processing:  all the sensory input of the day, sorting through it and burning it to permanent memory while simaltaneously sorting through all the emotional and intellectual input (thoughts, emotions) as well.  only mine likes to run a 'movie' throughout all this, incorporating whatever bits and pieces it happens to be using at the time. 

sometimes it just something i saw earlier in the day, sometimes its a problem that is bothering me.

is anyone else aware though that they are in a dream?  you're aware that you are dreaming?  my mom can change her dream; i just become aware of getting board with my dream & wake up.

i also will have repeating dreams, and dreams that take up where one left of the previous night.  it's like watching cable...sometimes i watch the same movie over and over, and sometimes i get to watch an entire series.

and when i'm depressed, the colors in my dreams get muted and eventually go to shades of grey.  when i'm up, it's TECHNICOLOR!  (i call those the 'prozac dreams' because when i first started prozac they were ALL in vivid technicolor)

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Prozac definitely gave me vivid dreams (and in color), I am not experiencing that with the change to Lexapro, but again, the prozac dreams were at times very real and could really set me off in wierd ass ways for the day. I don't miss them at all.


Edited to add: but prozac did help me tremendously with my depression and anxiety. It just stopped working after many years of usage.

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Topamax, Lamictal and Lyrica all gave me vivid dreams when I first started them.  They were like movies.  But that has stabilized.  I sleep so soundly with Seroquel, I don't even remember dreaming now.

At one point I was taken too much Lyrica (my mistake for not looking at the bottle) and I was, what felt like, a constant dream state.  I could not tell what was a dream.  My husband noticed it first.  When I lowered my dose, I was much better.

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This happens to me too when I am really sleep deprived. it gets very confusing. what helped for a while is journaling. at the end of the day I would write about what I did that day. Then when I would be confused later on I could refer to my journal and if it wasn't in there, then I assumed it was a dream.

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