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Gralise (Gabapentin/Neurontin) Break in Half?

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I am hyper sensitive to meds and am being treated for vestibular migraine.  My neurologist said I can start with 100mgs of Gaba at night or break in half 300mg tablet of Gralise (Gaba ER).  He is one of the top, well-renowned doctors that treats my migraine spectrum, so at first I did not question his option of breaking Gralise in half.  However, after viewing the manufacturer's video on how it is processed, I am a little concerned (safety, processing, absorbtion, etc.) about this method.  He does titrate patients up on Effexor by counting the beads, preferably using the brand version, and is creative with other ER versions of drugs.  BUT, still apprehensive.

Has anyone tried Gralise, broken it in half and/or could suggest a best course (Gralise 300/half or Gaba 100) given the circumstances?

Thanks - C

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