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How would you deal with this situation?

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Before i start, im just gonna say the more i have to stay at my current job, the more and more i grow to hate it; and thats when im just taking into consideration the tasks the perform, how fast/hard i have to work, and the pay that i get for it

Now; I can tolerate most of my coworkers and i really enjoy working with some of them; but there are some people that lately i cant stand being around and i hate their attitude; and this is without having to work with them for hours at a time before break time or lunch.

Now at this point you must be thinking what got me worked up.

Well, it started rather simple and then became almost a full blown argument; and all i did was spit in a garbage can.

Apparently somebody that works close to me (though i rarely have to work with her) thought it was a big deal because we work in a "Food factory"; some of the products themselves go in food or at the very least in a Fridge.

But im thinking - Come on, its a garbage can.

So she asked the opinion of one of her friends which agreed that its a big deal.

So then i said, "Get over it, its a garbage can"; and the 2 people kept going, so i told the one to cry me a river and they told me to shut the F up; so i said the same thing back.

And now i just dont want to deal with either of those 2 as i think they are absolutely crazy and they hate me and think im nasty for spitting in a freaking garbage can; granted i know people think its a nasty habit; but im not spitting just to spit, to gross anybody out, or anything like that.

Idk about you, but sometimes something comes up through my system (im not going to describe it to you guys as i would rather not gross anybody out) and i have to spit it out; if i dont it can stay in my system and make my asthma absolutely terrible; and im not going to basically suffer from Bronchitis for Politeness.

I didnt spit in/on the product or production line; so what is your verdict and what would you have done?

Oh and to make matters worse in the other break room i was talking about how one of those 2 women is crazy and i probably just narrowly avoided having to talk to HR and possibly lose my job because people think they can just talk to me how they want and be rude to me all the time and still want me to give them respect.

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I cough and need to spit a lot due to asthma. If I'm outside I usually wait until someone has passed me and I spit into a gutter. If I'm inside, I cough into and spit into tissue if people are around. Then I toss it into the garbage can. When they are not around, the sink as a first choice and then if there is no sink, a garbage can. But I would never just spit in front of people. I carry tissues with me wherever I am for this reason. 

I think you were a bit confrontational with your coworkers about this. Yes it's not fair, but its also not polite and working in a food factory seems like it wouldn't be very sanitary either. Droplets from coughing and spitting get around. 

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