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Hey all. I've been doing relatively well recently and haven't had any hallucinations for a couple months now. But last night when I was dreaming (after I had already fallen asleep), I started to hear a loud voice giving commentary over what I was doing. This scared the hell out of me, especially given that I usually have transient hallucinations rather than sustained voices. By the time I woke up, it had gone away. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hmmm. I have had plenty of dreams when all of my senses were stimulated. Can see the lightning, hear the thunder, feel the boom, smell the rain, and taste the coffee I was sipping.. all while sitting on the imaginary park bench in my mind.

Did I have a commentator in the shadows of the shadows giving me play-by-play analysis on the size, shape, and sound of each lightning strike? Nope. But, amazingly enough.. I somehow knew exactly where to look at exactly the right time to see the next bolt hit the lake in front of me. I could command the lightning to strike at my will. 

It has been said that the complexity of dreams is a subconscious reflection of the stresses we face through the actions (or inaction) of our daily environments.

In that regard, dreams are almost like self-hypnosis? In my example above, I was desperate to control things happening in my life that I had no ability to manipulate or influence. 

Hearing a distinct voice leads me to think you are considering deliberately (and rebelliously) disregarding the advice of those around you. Subconsciously, you are aware that you are contemplating going against the grain of the collective opinions of your peers?

In our little corner of twisted rationalizations, perhaps the depth of the dream is foreshadowing the result to come if you give in to temptations to experiment with something that has caused a negative consequence in the past? 

There is a niche of YouTube devoted to the power of lucid dreams. Supposedly, if you find the right frequency for your brain and play several hours of it through your mind while you sleep, you can experience a depth of dreams beyond anybody's comprehension. 

There are many people who remain skeptical of the ability of the mind to subconsciously tap into the influence of auditory stimulation. After personally experiencing the wonders of lucid dreaming, I know better. 

In my experience, it does work, but.. be warned.. the dreams can go towards either extreme. They can be fun, blissful, and euphoric.. or they can be a sensory manifestation of intense negatives. And, it feels real. Scary real.

As somebody who not get attached to anybody or anything out of a fear of abandonment, intense dreams are fascinating to me. I wake up and it's like somebody pulled the plug on the tv. Fantasy gets replaced with reality. Regardless of the content of the dream, it was nice to actually feel SOMETHING.. Even if it was just an illusion.

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I don't have hallucinations generally, so sorry if I'm out of place here (I probably am).  But I've heard psychosis and schizophrenia described as a waking dream, so I can see why dream experiences might seem particularily significant.

That's said, I've had  some really horrible/bizarre experiences whilst sleeping including sleep paralysis where you wake up feeling paralysed and hallucinating in a half-wake state, lucid dreaming and seeing and feeling myself being  physically strangled for nights on end which kept waking me up, and I don't have psychosis.  It could be anxiety you may have about your health manifesting itself at night. Mediciations of course could alter your dream states   Best wishes

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I have these but the difference for me is that I'm not asleep. I get constant visions in my head that are very real as though I'm there experiencing it. I often have visions of dead and decaying bodies, macabre faces and sometimes I hear screaming.I know I'm not dreaming because it happens any time of the day and night.

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