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Hey all. I've been doing relatively well recently and haven't had any hallucinations for a couple months now. But last night when I was dreaming (after I had already fallen asleep), I started to hear a loud voice giving commentary over what I was doing. This scared the hell out of me, especially given that I usually have transient hallucinations rather than sustained voices. By the time I woke up, it had gone away. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hmmm. I have had plenty of dreams when all of my senses were stimulated. Can see the lightning, hear the thunder, feel the boom, smell the rain, and taste the coffee I was sipping.. all while sitting on the imaginary park bench in my mind.

Did I have a commentator in the shadows of the shadows giving me play-by-play analysis on the size, shape, and sound of each lightning strike? Nope. But, amazingly enough.. I somehow knew exactly where to look at exactly the right time to see the next bolt hit the lake in front of me. I could command the lightning to strike at my will. 

It has been said that the complexity of dreams is a subconscious reflection of the stresses we face through the actions (or inaction) of our daily environments.

In that regard, dreams are almost like self-hypnosis? In my example above, I was desperate to control things happening in my life that I had no ability to manipulate or influence. 

Hearing a distinct voice leads me to think you are considering deliberately (and rebelliously) disregarding the advice of those around you. Subconsciously, you are aware that you are contemplating going against the grain of the collective opinions of your peers?

In our little corner of twisted rationalizations, perhaps the depth of the dream is foreshadowing the result to come if you give in to temptations to experiment with something that has caused a negative consequence in the past? 

There is a niche of YouTube devoted to the power of lucid dreams. Supposedly, if you find the right frequency for your brain and play several hours of it through your mind while you sleep, you can experience a depth of dreams beyond anybody's comprehension. 

There are many people who remain skeptical of the ability of the mind to subconsciously tap into the influence of auditory stimulation. After personally experiencing the wonders of lucid dreaming, I know better. 

In my experience, it does work, but.. be warned.. the dreams can go towards either extreme. They can be fun, blissful, and euphoric.. or they can be a sensory manifestation of intense negatives. And, it feels real. Scary real.

As somebody who not get attached to anybody or anything out of a fear of abandonment, intense dreams are fascinating to me. I wake up and it's like somebody pulled the plug on the tv. Fantasy gets replaced with reality. Regardless of the content of the dream, it was nice to actually feel SOMETHING.. Even if it was just an illusion.

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I hardly dream anymore and when I do it's either really demented and disturbing or in cartoon..

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I don't have hallucinations generally, so sorry if I'm out of place here (I probably am).  But I've heard psychosis and schizophrenia described as a waking dream, so I can see why dream experiences might seem particularily significant.

That's said, I've had  some really horrible/bizarre experiences whilst sleeping including sleep paralysis where you wake up feeling paralysed and hallucinating in a half-wake state, lucid dreaming and seeing and feeling myself being  physically strangled for nights on end which kept waking me up, and I don't have psychosis.  It could be anxiety you may have about your health manifesting itself at night. Mediciations of course could alter your dream states   Best wishes

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I have these but the difference for me is that I'm not asleep. I get constant visions in my head that are very real as though I'm there experiencing it. I often have visions of dead and decaying bodies, macabre faces and sometimes I hear screaming.I know I'm not dreaming because it happens any time of the day and night.

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In my dream I was hallucinatimg my grandparents, and my family saw me like that and they were crying.

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    • By mikl_pls
      My apologies for the long post, I'll try to keep it as brief as possible.
      As the title says, I'm just picometers away from checking myself into a psych ward. I have shit going on in my life with my family that I'm just about done with trying to care about and mange. We have a live-in "stray" we picked up who is a mooch, a biggot, a homophobe (I'm gay), an a real class A ass hole. My friend and I and him got into a shouting match last night and he almost got violent with us. Of course, my mom, who is infatuated with him (and if I didn't know any better, is having an affair with him), hardly did anything to intervene except saying "stop yelling!" But that's another thing, I digress.
      Not to mention, my mood has been on a downswing the last month into a massive, bottomless-pit of a depressive episode. I knew it was too good for me to be feeling good for as long as I did. It was the first time in years to be feeling that good for as long as I did. I was probably actually hypomanic because I got myself into some pretty nasty credit card debt that I can't pay off because I'm unemployed and have no source of income. I knew I was due for a depressive episode sooner or later, which is fantastic because now I don't have the willpower to get a job.
      I can't get to my pdoc until, at the very soonest, Wednesday, and it's not guaranteed that I'll even get to see her then. It may be Friday, or even next week.
      I'm heavily considering checking into a psych ward. I've talked with friends about which one in my area is the best one, and I think I've decided which one to go to. I'm just scared to death of being stripped of my belongings like my cell phone and everything. I'd like to at least have my pen and notebook so I could journal or something. Is that really what they do? Do they treat you like prisoners?
      I've been taking copious amounts of Restoril (> 360 mg ) + gabapentin (>3600 mg) + Valium (> 40 mg) + Xanax (> 6 mg) + Thorazine (> 100 mg) + Zanaflex (> 12 mg) all at once just to feel out of my body. I want to be gone. I want to be away. I don't want to die, I just want to be gone. Away. Not here. Just for a while. I don't want to be anywhere. I just want to go away for a long time and come back when things are better. I've been doing this every night for the past few days. My parents and best friend know about it, and it breaks their hearts to know I'm doing it, but I can't help it. I feel like I need to do it. I ran out of Restoril, so I've just been taking the combo without the Restoril. I've been slowly escalating the dose of gabapentin as I started out at 2400 mg. I'm almost out of Valium as they're 2 mg pills. I'm almost out of Xanax and Thorazine. Soon I'll just be left with gabapentin.
      Please help me. I don't know what to do. I'm scared of this guy living with us, he has long overstayed his welcome. He was supposed to move out once he got a place of his own. He has a place of his own, he just has to fix it up. He hasn't worked on it in months. I'm terrified of him. I'm having paranoid hallucinations of him coming to harm me even when he's not here.
    • By JustCurious
      so I have sadi this before but i have had many many mnay hallucinations over my whole life time they have been there since i can think such as this thing i used to see when i was 4-7 years old they have gotten more intense over the years there on and off they can last for months or weeks (longest being 6months) and im starting to question things like i thought i saw dead people or did i hallucinate them and its only starting to happening but its hard to explain anything and i feel so numb and i cant access my thoughts can someone please give me reasons why i could be hvaing these hallucinations 
    • By JustCurious
      hey im 14yrs old and I have been doing quite a lot of research into some things I am experiencing and im just not sure if im getting anywhere and would like others opinion also I am sorry this is so long. 
      so cutting down to the point, It was only recently that I moved into my new house (we lived in our old one for 7 years) and I started to hallucinate things (we have been in this house for about six weeks) now it wasn't the first time I have had hallucinations but I thought I should look into it. 
      ive been having hallucinations every since I was young (like 4+) when I was really young I remember when I used to visit my dad (saw him during the school holidays) sometimes I would see something in a tree at the front I used to play in it was a boy a dead one really pale but the odd thing about him was he sometimes would have like tentacles instead of a body (so a head and tentacles or sometimes he had a full body) and I always got really scared and ran inside those rarely happened but I remember in year one (we had moved from my old place and somewhere new and I didn't have any friends) I would sit in this corner and cry but one day I saw a girl once again she was a dead girl she was old fashioned night gown that had blood on it not heaps just a bit and was soaking wet I dont know why but I wasn't ever scared I told her to get out of my corner and she said no anyways I became friends with her and im pretty sure she died from drowning she fell from somewhere hit her head (hence the blood) and drowned (why she was wet) and I vaguely remember these dreams that we went on her and I we saved a town or something It was weird I dont remember her name I know it was something with an A I think Annabelle sounds something close to it but I cant remember her name anyways one day she disappeared and I never saw her again and it made me upset but oddly I forgot about her until year 6 when I had one of those dreams again but she was older and it was weird and all my memories came back, I have many times seen dead people on the street they had like this glowing aurora around them that as how I knew they were dead that and no one else saw them (I just knew that couldn't) I have waved to them smiled etc. I also felt the presence of a person like someone opens a door and I just get this random information like John was his name 37 a wife two kids a smoker died in a car accident (made that up but it happened it hasn't happened since year six) I also have seen shadows moving Turing into things and ive seen things I cant really explain them like people sometimes there not and they move around I have heard things like whispers underneath my bed and footsteps scratches music playing etc ive also felt things I remember when I was younger I climbed on my mums perfectly made bed (you would see a if there was something underneath the blankets) and I climbed on it to get something from her bedside table and I felt a leg and heard hissing I ran away and when I came back nothing was there I cant say the exact age but I was around 7-9 years old and I got it really bad everynight for 6months I remember it was horrible I would see things (even in plain daylight) hear things feel things it was scary and I still get these hallucinations there on and off they can last a month, weeks a few days usually if I have a nightmare they come or if I talk about them but they do just randomly happen. I used to think I saw dead people but now im just questioning if I hallucinated it all or if it was real I know its not but im lost at the moment I cant tell if it is or if it isnt. also I go numb a lot I cant feel anything im like an empty shell and I have so many thoughts running around in my head but I just can't get to them its like a wall blocks them and when I do feel something its everything negative and I cry and cry. I think a lot I have so many ideas in my head ones that ive been told are not what a 14 year old my age think about that its deeper and I like to think in all honesty I cant turn it off even if I wanted to. I also have this thing it started with me wanting to become an author but I look at every detail like when I look at a person I look at like the liens on there face the colours in there eyes the movement of there mouth and I have periods where I zone out and Im numb but I cant stop I look at my hand and its weird I know its mine but its different it doesn't feel like it should be and then I cant stop looking at everything in detail I think I just have a really active imagination but I wanted to see others opinions im super concerned about the hallucinations I just want to know what they are.
      I also wanted to add in that i have ADHD, depression , and high anxiety (and to add it in agoraphobia) also ive always had trouble sleeping at night 
      thank you for reading please reply i need some advice opinons.
    • By Rabidtears
      Earlier tonight I was on computer and I thought I heard music. Everypne was asleep and all but 2 of our kids were gone. I ignored ot and went back to playing.
      The music persisted. I could hear the voice but couldnt make our the words. I could almost hear the instrument but I wasnt sure but might have been a guitar. Sounded like 80s rock.
      I looked all over the house tryong to find something to explain it and came up empty.
      So I went to bed. I woke up about an hour later and once again I heard a mans voice but couldnt hear the words. His tone was like that of a hellfire and brimstone preacher.
      Now , as I type this, I am still hearkng music. Now I can just hear a womans voice singing buy I cant understand it!
      This is freaking me out. What causes this? What are your experiences?
    • By Marilyna
      Hello, Im new here I have bipolar 1 and I believe I have had it since I was a child. My mental health medical history is way to long for me to write it down here now, but To make it short I have been diagnosed with a few different disorders and diseases for over a long period of time , but now the doctors finally agree that I have bipolar type 1. And I didnt start telling my doctors about my hallucinations until recently because I was so ashamed and also because I believed they where all true.
      I have had hallucinations since I was a child and they where always very terrifying. I have had psychotic periods as an adult very often. But the thing is that some of my hallucinations , the ones that have frightening me the most, my psychiatrist doesnt think its related to my bipolar. She asked me recently to see a psychologist because of this and he too didnt really know what to say, why Im seeing the things that Im seeing. He said it could be anxiety ore some memories from my childhood or maybe PTSD.  Wow Im so confused...
      So .......I started searching the internet looking for answers and didnt find any topic related to bipolar and my hallucinations, what Im seeing. So I figured maybe some one here could know something. I am really scared. I will just list them here...
      when Im hallucinating...
      I see peoples eyes change..like a lot. They start to look evil like the person is hosting a demon. Sometimes their eyes turn black, but not completely. When this happens I freak out inside, afraid it will attack me. (When this started I was 25 years old and it was my boyfriends eyes that changed. It felt so real that I had to run and hide from him, like it wasnt him anymore. This can happen anywhere, in the tv, in my kids eyes, in my boyfriends eyes or in a stranger walking down the street. It is very terrifying but I try to control it by avoiding looking.) Sometimes faces of people change too. They start to melt or just look strange. It can happen to my own face too and sometimes Im just to afraid to look in the mirror because my face changes a lot. Like Im not the same person ...its hard to explain. When I try to sleep and close my eyes , I sometimes see faces of people..I see some face just show up and then the picture of it gets smaller and smaller until it is gone and then another face shows up and fades away as well. Its very annoying. I have seen my own appartment change. My furniture look funny and my books start to move like in liquid motion. Sometimes I get very scared like I dont know where I am, I know it is my home but still I feel like its not..also hard to explain.  I sometimes see people shrink. This is very strange. They shrink, just a little and I feel I dont know them anymore, but I know them. I see auras around furniture and sometimes people. I have seen black and ghost like figures. I thought it was very real..like some spiritual beings for many years but now Im wondering if this is a part of my hallucinations. I hear footsteps, like someone is coming and like someone is following me. Its very real, the sound of the footsteps. I often smell like something is burning when its not.  Then the only hallucinations my psychiatrist recognizes as a bipolar symptom are..
      I have heard voices that arent there, they are not talking to me but I hear them in a distance, like many people talking at a dinner party. Sometimes I hear many people talking..like its a radio broadcasting news, but I dont hear what they are saying. And then I have heard my name called , like with a very scary and a loud voice.
      i think I was hearing voices as a child too because so often I had to put my fingers in my ears to sleep. I was so afraid.
      thank you
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