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SSRI's - add/adhd?

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I have been reading up on many meds lately because all the ssri's seem to make me tired, not motivated, just plain lazy and i could use help with concentration and such.

So I read that prozac and zoloft are useful or prescribed off label for add/adhd, but I would consider that means they help with concentration?  motivation?

I could be completely wrong, but I am trying to figure out what to talk to a new dr. I am going to about.

I think I need something and it seems like with an ssri I need along with like provigil or wellbutrin?

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they don't do anything for ADD to speak of


Uh, yup, have to agree. Having been on many an SSRI, some of which helped my depression for years, Prozac included, but ADD is a different animal.

Current SSNRI, Cymbalta, is rumored to have some ability to help one focus with ADD problems, but I am on 60 mgs. a day for depression, and I must say it works wonders for that, but it does diddly squat for ADD.

Unfortunately, I am self banned from stims because of past drug abuse history, i can't take them responsibly. So my ADD mgt. comes down to paper and effort. On the plus side, I'm disabled, so I don't have a job I can can get fired from for ADD-related fuck ups.

Lots of people have huge success managing ADD with Straterra and stimulants. Check out the ADD board, if you haven't already.

Good luck,


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