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i need some answers, i need someone to tell me what to do...i've never had hallucinations before and they're weirding me out...not just the things moving, not the desk acting like a board on the waves, but the sounds...music from the vents, from the pipes...i put a little hole on my arm and at least i'm bleeding normally...

the obvious answer is to not take ten mg of ambien before bed, but how long is this going to last?? i'm wide awake and everything's melting. and my pens won't stop dancing. i'm all alone, no one around, no one within hours of driving...kind of scared to go to sleep because the things are still moving...

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I don't know how long you have been taking ambien- but people can experience some visual disturbances and dream states/hallucinations.  This is why it is really important to go to bed very quickly after taking it.

I don't know how long it will last. I am pretty sure that if you are fighting the ambien, it is creating a harmful situation. 

I am concerned- You are at the point where you felt so detached from your environment and yourself that you needed to make sure you were bleeding. This is NOT ok.

I know things look like they are moving, but they aren't. I know it is scary.

But you are reacting to a medication that you took.

Please call someone.

You need to have some way to get some sort of grounding, so you can get to sleep. If  you can't sleep and can't call anyone, consider going to urgent care before you test your body again.

Take some deep breaths. You took a medication that isn't agreeing with you.

It is weird and a little hard to deal with right now, but it will pass.

Take some deep breaths for a few minutes. Call someone. Try to sleep. If you need to, go to urgent care.

Please take care of yourself.

Tomorrow will be better.


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Ditto what Navy said.

I hallucinated on Ambien. I lived alone and I was very scared. I sent an email to a friend while this was happening. The next morning he called me very early in the morning very concerned about me.

When you take Ambien you do need to already be in bed. Although, I have read many posts here where people expereinced hallucinations and did things that were abnormal behavior after they had taken Ambien and thought they were alseep, only to find out they didn't remember doing these things.

Call your doc right away. It may be that Ambien and you will not work well together.

How are you today?


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I saw your post last night but didn't reply because I had just taken my Ambien and didn't want to risk having the same thing happen to me.

I would bet that you very likely won't remember creating this thread.

I too have visual hallucinations from ambien if I don't get in bed and take advantage of its sleep inducing properties. 

Ambien is very fast acting when it starts to kick in, as fast as 2 or 3 minutes. So it is extremely important to immediately get in bed after taking it. 

I am often reluctant to go to bed because sleeping so often not restfull, and have had strange things happen from the ambien. I've prepared and eaten salad, posted on the chat room, with no memory of it.

I have fallen asleep in my recliner and awakened to scary melting hallucinations.

Now I use the visual effects as a clue that the med is starting to work.  I will crawl into bed, and read for a bit.  When the reading starts to get a little fuzzy and the curtains start to get wavy (still a tad creepy, I'll admit) I put away the book and turn off the light.  I'm out in less than a minute or two.

So, don't be frightened, it is just the ambien affecting your visual center and you may have memory recall problems for the short time you are awake before falling asleep. Go to bed immediately after taking your pill.

Good sleeping,


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Last night was very weird, but I feel much better this morning.

I had taken the Ambien and climbed in bed. After five or ten minutes, I thought I heard the cat knock something over, so I turned the light on to see what had happened...and that's when I noticed that everything was dancing. It was actually kind of funny at first, because the various parts of my natural-rock-esque fountain turned into faces, all of which were talking/arguing with each other (silently). I only started to get freaked out when the air in the vents sounded like music and conversation. I wasn't sure what was real and what wasn't anymore, and I was too scared to turn the light back off again.

I'm never turning a light on after taking Ambien again (unless the fire alarm goes off or something). Thank you all for answering and caring. ;)

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Just chiming in with the others to say this is a pretty normal Ambien experience. Can't tell you how many phone conversations (among other things) that I don't really remember the next day. It is a hypnotic, afterall.

If I had to guess... I'd say it lasts for around three hours. Or at least abates. Just try to not get up after you've taken it and everything should be fine.

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