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Does poor sleep cause psychosis or does psychosis make you sleep poorly?

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I wouldn't say I have any symptoms currently which has been this way for over a year. However recently I have noticed some changes in my sleep quality which has caused me to sort of be a little more aware maybe even you could call it paranoid. Like if I'm in the kitchen and someone is in my view I get paranoid they are staring at me, although this person does have a history of staring at me to annoy me. And also if I see floaters in the corner of my eye I sort of like get caught off guard by them and think its a fly or something. So I'm not sure if these are signs of oncoming psychosis, or I just need to sleep better. I'm not exactly sure why my sleep has been fairly poor lately. I have been able to sleep for 8 hours minimum whenever I was able to. I could even take naps. Before when my symptoms were ongoing I could never take naps. I'm concerned I may be starting to trend downwards although I don't have any issue other than waking up earlier than usual. I am getting around 5 hours tops of sleep and this has been going on for over 2 weeks. Before that I was sleeping at will.

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for me it's both.

when i have gotten less sleep, i'm more symptomatic and prone to breakthrough symptoms. if i go long enough with troubled sleep, i can have a full on episode.

also, however, when i'm having a break, i will absolutely stop sleeping as much...sometimes staying up multiple nights in a row to do various things.

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I'm not sure how sleep plays a role in my days on symptomatic behavior if you want to call it that..I hate the labels but in times they do apply..

I nap a lot when I'm symptomatic..I try to hide..

But there can also be the reverse of that to where I sleep very little but this current cocktail has me pretty knocked out at night..

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