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Dying of Thirst in Somalia

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Somalis die of thirst in drought

People are walking up to 70km (45 miles) in search of water

People in southern Somalia are starting to die from thirst in the worst drought in over 40 years in some parts of the country, says aid agency Oxfam.

Oxfam says assessment teams found seven people who died of dehydration, and that tens of thousands are now at risk.

People are surviving on the equivalent of three glasses of water a day, in temperatures of over 40C (100F).

Oxfam reports an almost unprecedented situation, where people beg for water along the sides of the road.

All surface water has gone, boreholes are running dry, and people are walking up to 70km (45 miles) in search of water.

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Hmm. In most places if you dig deeper you'll hit groundwater again.

A good first world country needs to head over there and dig a hole deep enough in the right place to start pumping water out again. Shouldn't be too hard to do with some first class gear like a mass spectrometer or somesuch. Shame it prolly won't be the US. :/

Maybe we should start a rumor Somalia is developing WMDs. That'd at least get troops with water purifiers over there.

That or tell Bush Somalia is sitting on the world's largest oil reserve. They won't be able to walk for holes being drilled then. Heh.

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How desperate.

As a refresher,

The UN was providing aid to the Somalis and the gun toting people and the warlords shot civilian aid workers.  The UN left.

The US took over providing aid and the civilan aid workers and the soldiers who were protecting them were shot.  ? Remember Black Hawk Down and the scenes of helicopter pilots' bodies being dragged naked through the streets? The US left.

Maybe a private aid organization like Oxfam can convince the Somali people to be helped.


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Another tragedy in Africa


As read in the paper today, 200,000 to 400,000 residents of Darfur (Sudan region of Africa) have been killed in the past three years - total genocide by Janjaweed militias, supported by the African government. Again, read this today, not as informed as I would like to be. Can't America share the wealth, get rid of special interests, and pork barrel government projets, and really address the tragedies which exist in both the  US, and third world countries. Its all really too horrible.


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Somalia is one of the few places where the Canadians really screwed up.

Think Abu Ghraib abuses, on a smaller scale.

Our Airborne was disbanded due to despicable actions by some of its members.

And, everyone seems to forget that Somalia was hit by the "Asian Tsunami."

Sudan is a living nightmare.  As was Rwanda recently.

And an entire generation in Africa has been lost due to AIDS.

Nobody with power seems to be able to help, and those who might be able to help don't seem to give a rat's ass.

Oil reserves and imaginary WMDs would for sure pull in lots of countries' troops to help.

But, so far, organizations like World Vision, Medecins Sans Frontieres (and the other Sans Frontieres groups), the Steven Lewis Foundation, and many others, are still there.

All of us can give what we can, and keep the word out there in bold print.

We are all one.  Just look at the small blue ball we are from space.  We all are so small and so connected.

Don't let anyone out there get away with ignoring our family overseas.

Noone should die from lack of water.

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Bill Gates was recently quoted as saying, "Patriotism? There is a whole world out there." Or something to that efffect, bad memory problems.

Anyway, did you see The Constant Gardener about the pharm. companies using africans to test new drugs on, sending outdated drugs for tax write-offs, it was based on a John Le Carre novel? As I had mentioned in another post, it was fictional, but it rang so true to me. What's your take on this?


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Heya Syl,

Bill and Melinda Gates are unique among million/billionaires in that they give a damn and a lot of dollars.

I liked Constant Gardener.  Anyone recall the Tuskegee (US) syphilis experiment?  Let's watch a bunch of black guys in prison die of syphilis, *even though* we have simple effective treatments (freaking penicillin, one shot, less than a dollar, dammit), b/c we're curious about what happens if syphilis goes untreated.

Or the so-called brainwashing experiments done on unsuspecting psych patients in Montreal, sponsored by the CIA and administered willingly (or at least with a blind eye) by a Canadian institution.

And many other experiments.

Big Pharma, although they basically do *all* the R&D for drugs that work, are after all for-profit companies with shareholders.  Without Bill and Melinda and others like them, NPO's would have *no* HIV or TB meds at all to give out.  As it is, they have the ones that might no longer work.

Above and beyond them though, there have been outdated antibiotics, expired condoms, and used needles "donated" to nations that can't afford to buy them.


We need to pay attention, and be vigilant, and ask the hard questions, b/c this is not going to change.  There is too much "us and them."

There is only "us."  We are all in the same tiny sinking boat, and we are all we have.

Until the aliens come.  But *that's* another story.


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nd the military experiements in the 50's with LSD on unsuspecting military personnel.

You are my kind of doc.

Lets keep the faith, if I win the lottery tomorrow, I know where some of my money is going.

Thanks for your reply, sorry for picking your brain so much tonight,


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