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What do you do when you start to notice you are slowly losing your mind?

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With my recent issues with sleep, and now it seems i am having memory issues. Also had issues yesterday with being startled by something as benign as the floaters i have in my eye, and I can't help but think maybe I am not doing as well as I think. Maybe I am starting to slowly break down and if I don't do something now maybe I'll end up with full blown psychosis in a psych ward. The good thing is my mood is excellent. It couldn't be any better yet isn't manic but just calm and peaceful, which I have been working on attaining. It's just today for instance I thought I had taken a shower and was thinking about going to sleep then realized by checking how many used towels that I didn't take one today. I obviously can't get admitted when I'm in this state but what can I really do here? My mood is fine the biggest issue is concern that I am losing my mind but nothing I can get hospitalized for. I do see my psychiatrist in a few days but I'm not really sure what I should say or if I should say something. I don't want any of my medication increased for just fear of going crazy when I already know I am crazy since I have a chronic psychotic disorder that I am fully aware of. I just feel like house during those episodes where he started slowly losing his mind and tried to piece together everything and figure out what exactly was happening and had these memory lapses.

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