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Welcome to our journey. Please walk with me. I'll put your mind at ease.

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Hi there. I'm new here. Well new to this boards group forum thing. I am I mean. Or the thumbs that go with this body have never furiously stumbled around a touch screen to express anything on this site before now. Maybe this ego, not to say mine persay, has had some run-ins with what is going on here. I can't be sure. 

i like black tea with milk and sugar. Robin McKinley is my favorite author. I have been given access to some of the most pround and important human experiences and revelations, but I frequently forget the significance of many of them. I have two boys that are the greatest thing ever to happen in the history of my world. Briefly last year I created a compelling eschatology of their being twin gods (they aren't twins) of creation and destruction. But seeing as they were only 2 and 4, nobody was super worried about their influence in Armageddon yet. I want to sleep on a sleeper car in a train. I think Cross fit is dangerous. Maybe it's just bad training. We need to train people better--more compassion, more honesty, more open heads. 

They tell me I'm schizophrenic. And I have a hamster my son named Milove.


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