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I am here fishing for my place on the spectrum. I have a physical attraction to two genders, men and women. I have not had the privilege of being intimate with the other genders on the spectrum. So I do not know with all certainty that I am just bi. I love the physical attributes of men, but I basically only enjoy men sexually. I have toyed around with dating men but I don't want to just use dudes to get sex. I do bond well with women and I love the sexual dynamic of a man and a woman. It's all sexually satisfying for me until you bring in the companion component. At that point I understand women better than men. So, I don't know the outcome yet. I guess it's totally ok with being only sexually attracted to one and both sexually and emotionally attracted to the other. I can't keep up with it very well. But, I say enjoy every bit of what we have to offer and base your heart on a person not a gender, if you are looking long term. I think we, as a society,  could transcend the gender specific rules and just love the person. I don't know though. I think it's healthy to be curious.

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