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I hate 3 things more than anything else

1. US Government takes around 30% or more of everybodies money (anybody working anyways); misuses it on all sorts of stupid things that should not be funded with taxpayer money

Such as government benefits that shouldnt exist or should be scaled back to a lot less people (some people know how to cheat the system and get government benefits so they can be lazy and live for free)

Also those stupidly lengthy court cases you see all the time (free public defender); and lengthy prison terms/expensive death penaltys; all paid for by taxpayer money.

And still huge national deficit; at the very least we should have free healthcare so we can stay healthy and keep giving our incompetent government 30% of our money for a long time.

2. NYS rising minimum wage problem - every year minimum wage goes up; so people that start working where i work make almost as much as i do on their first day even though i work very hard and have been at the same company for 4+ years now.

3. Laziness of my little brother; he hasnt had a job for about 4 or 5 months now because he wasnt serious about work, missed too many days and got fired; he has had chances to try getting various jobs; instead he sits around waiting for Walmart to hire him back

It seems they dont want him so he may just keep staying home; using all the money he ever gets (not much unless he works with my Grandpa on Saturday/Sunday or gets lucky at the Casino with free play) to drink massive amounts of alcohol while he stays at home doing nothing productive (he can stay home all day, enjoying my PS4 pro, games, and Samsung SUHD TV; while i am basically living paycheck to paycheck and the best i can do is work a little overtime and hope it lasts me a couple weeks)

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