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Do you find that things change less than you expected when you are hoping for a big positive change?

Or perhape that things change less than you expected when you thought you were headed towards something really bad happening?

Im hoping to get a new job soon at a different factory as if i dont get a better job i cant realistically expect anything to change for the better; but even if i cant get the job im trying to get i still want to find a different full time job next year (full balance flex card will come in handy) so that i could get my 401k; and have some hope to live more comfortably.

If i stay at the same job i wont be able to touch my 401k and ill be stuck at just above minimum wage and will keep living paycheck to paycheck.

If i do get the job im after it should make me feel a lot better having more money so i can live more comfortably, hoping leading to a lot less stress, and then i cant say that i will have any reason to binge drink the few times that i drink.

Am i setting myself up to just fail again knowing that things never go perfect? Or do you think things will go well?

Im not worried about changing my work hours (or potentially having to work many extra hours), or having to be a better, more reliable worker or anything like that as i take work seriously.

Its just part of me expects something to end up disappointing me or something.

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