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I'm having mixed mood episodes, thinking about going back on Depakote?

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My moods are changing from happy/giddy to feeling really angry and irritable then feeling content and I've been daydreaming about ending it. I'm going from being horrible to my support workers then feeling they are perfect. I am writing abusive and angry emails to my supported living manager and social services then feeling like I shouldn't of done that and feeling guilty then happy. It's weird.


I'm getting my prescription for Depakote tomorrow. I'm still written up for it but haven't been collecting it from the pharmacy. Last time I took it was 18 months ago, can't remember it doing much at the time but I'm going to take it again mainly because I don't like feeling depressed. Things have happened, two of my best friends are ill and we've had a new person move into my supported living house.


Do you have any advice on Depakote? Do you think I should request a blood test to test my liver enzymes and once thats comes back start taking it or should I start straight aways tomorrow? Last time last year I had high liver enzymes but I stopped drinking alcohol on 31st of December 2016 so I hope they've come down a bit. What do you think?

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I'm with @phidippus, after my experience with lithium and Depakote, I can definitely say that Depakote doesn't have the antidepressive effects that lithium does, unless of course we're talking about mixed states which happen to me frequently were my agitated intrusive thoughts actually cause the anxiety and depression that I feel.

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