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Feeling, scattered, anxious, combative, distractable

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I got so anxious and weird feeling today.  And just increased my dose of zoloft to 125mg

I feel freaken weird, not calm and not level headed.  I fixated on some work issues, and felt scattered and irritable at the slightest thing.

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On 10/13/2017 at 5:57 AM, wookie said:

I was all over the place. Everything was annoying me.

Zoloft tends towards the agitating side of things in the beginning and after dose increases. But it should subside if you aren't experiencing a hypomanic episode. Your doctor can diagnose that.

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I blew up on Sunday- just had an angry fit.  I have stopped buspar because I think it was heightening my agitation and muscle tension.

Was taking .5 mg ativan almost daily.

I was prescribed Lyrica for anxiety just today.  Sort of dopey but my muscles are relaxing which is much needed.  I do seem a bit better since Sunday.  Moods are almost "normal" now.  Crap I am not sure I even know what a normal mood is anymore.

Honestly unless I am cartwheeling around the doctor's office naked I am not sure they would understand if I was having a slight hypomanic shift or just reacting badly to meds.

Still waiting on a new psychiatrist.

Old psych was convinced I just need to antidepressants and a lot of ativan.  I just think there is something better than this.


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