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i feel like i'm going crazy

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hi ya, 

lately i have these issues that i feel like i'm going crazy. like earlier today i parked my car in a parking lot and when i went back to get it i didn't remember where i've put it and i had this panic attack that i felt i was losing my mind. i got all sweaty , i couldn't breath and teared up because i just didn't remember if i even got there by car or not (i sometimes take my bike to the city or go by foot). also i've been experiencing a lot of anger lately, i'm angry at everyone for no reason and when people come around with stupid stories or excuses (like at work) i feel it boiling up like hot water. i've been having panic attacks since august this year, not much have changed in my life to be precisely all stayed the same. i feel like i have this anxiety or panic disorder that i carry with me everywhere it is so upsetting. i'm not much of a talker about my feelings and my closest relatives don't even know that i experience this (i don't think i need to tell anyone my feelings as why would they matter to another individual?) so never ever have opened up to anyone about anything. is there someone out there experiencing the same stuff?

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You tell someone else your feelings so you can figure shit out for yourself.  Hopefully, whoever you talk to will be like a mirror, reflecting your feelings so you can gain perspective.  Talk therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat an anxiety disorder.  What medications are you on?

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Yeah ur not alone...panic attacks suck. I'm bipolar but with the fun side of panic. It might be time to think about meds and then therapy for the long term

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Have you seen a doctor? If so, maybe s/he could point you towards a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) class? I found the class I took really annoying at first, but it did help. I still get panic attacks (just a few times a year), but I have an easier time toughing them out. Unfortunately, once a panic attack starts, all you can do is try to ride it out.

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      hi, I need some consultation on what I am dealing with.
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      I get it I really do, im not normal and I really dont care to be. I cant remember a time in my life that pain wasint a form of medication I used to treat myself. Its been a nightmare when it comes to relationships and ive tried hard i really have. It seems that every time i get something good in my life its inevitable for it to be destroyed and i do mean destroyed. Ive been to doctors ive been in and out patient and everything remains the same. I cant lie to myself even though i lie to everyone eles when i say that im fine when im really not. I think about things that i cant share with anyone eles and i enjoy things that no one eles does and because of that i know they will only see the crazy side of me. I fear having friends because i know hat at some point i cant hold back who is really inside and they will run away just like everyone else has. Is it so bad to enjoy life in a way that others cant? i mean its lonley i know but when im being me im happy and I feel really good about myself but then i hate it because i know it cant stay. Why cant I just have friends who know my mind instead of treating me like a damn rubix cube.
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