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I pulled a table apart with my bare hands, so I restarted Zyprexa.

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I have a new pdoc. I just saw him on Saturday. Last week, i got severely agitated and 1. broke both of my e-cigs and 2. pulled a solid oak table apart with my bare hands. It absolutely terrified my fiancée. A few days later I had calmed down and decided I'd dig out my old Zyprexa 7.5 mg tabs. (side note: I've gained about 12 pounds in a week). 

So, I saw my new pdoc. As some of you may remember, I had been having supposed paranoid delusions and other assorted psychotic symptoms, but never told my pdoc in 11 years because I thought those things were normal. I really laid it out for my new pdoc. New Dx: Bipolar disorder with psychotic features. He said if my mood stabilizes and the psychotic features continue for at least two weeks I'd have a schizoaffective dx. I feel validated, but I'd rather not have these things continue after I stabilize.  He increased my zyprexa to 10 mg and agreed to write for zyprexa zydis, which my insurance paid for.

tldr: I flipped out and am back on zyprexa and my new pdoc added psychotic features to my BP Dx.


So, my question is about zyprexa zydis. Does anyone have experience with both zyprexa and zyprexa zydis? Does it really cause less weight gain, or am I doomed? Supposedly it has something to do with bypassing the serotonin receptors in the gut and thus cause less appetite stimulation and carbohydrate cravings. So, can anyone speak to this personally?

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