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Creepy people at my local bus stop


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My local bus stop usually is a host to some offbeat people and some real weirdos who often are high on something.

I can deal with that.  I just won't make eye contact and if you don't violate my personal space I won't get too weirded out.

I probably have issues with public spaces and being unnerved a bit too easily but sometimes it's warranted.

So tall white guy (about as white as me anyway) Is rapping outloud.  Rap is fine.  He seems to be with some woman but he was actually just pestering her.  He then moves onto me and asks if the bus is going to such and such a place.  I reply yes.  He then walks back and forth in front of me then rapping and looking me in the face.  Every word coming out of his mouth is "bitch, hoe, n***er, n***er, n***er.

Dude is like 50 shades of white.

I kind of felt myself trying to find a corner so I can just avoid the guy.  A lovely black couple showed up and I stood next to them so buddy would just back off a bit.  It was funny how quickly he stopped rapping and moved away from me as soon as I stood next to them.

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