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A Very Interesting Looking Website I Found

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This website I found seems to be a really helpful resource as far as saving money and they're planning to offer new information soon.  It just went live recently I think, like within the past few days/weeks so I doubt it's finished yet.  But there's already some pretty good stuff.  They have a couple of links to a couple of places that offer really good coupons and discounts at a bunch of the places I shop. 

They're going to have information on other financial issues like finding work in the 21st Century economy, working from home, and other struggles that are commonplace these days though.  It looks interesting for sure, definitely something to check out and keep checking out over time.  I have heard that they're planning to start a money and employment forum in the future over that should be pretty interesting.  There will probably be a lot of practical advice and tips on the forum whenever that gets set up.  Here's the link to it, it's real new:  http://www.the21stcentury.info

Here's a link to the page that has the links to places where you can get coupons and discounts (some of them looked really good when I checked it out): http://www.the21stcentury.info/some-ways-to-save-money.html

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Looks like an interesting site, the discount sites they have on there look really good.  The info on there looks pretty interesting as well, looks like it's going to be a true unbiased source of information. We really need more sources like that these days. I'm also really interested to see their forum when they set it up and the work from home info.

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