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Lexapro bump different side effects that start up?

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Hi, 10 years health anxiety crazy here.  Been on and off Lexapro a gazillion times.  Always 10mg.

10mg started a couple months ago was working decent.  Had a health anxiety scare so decided to try 15mg for the first time ever to see if it's help.

I'm having burning palms and sole, mild but there.  I feel like my hands are getting a little red on and off and its just strange, some finger tingling as well.  I don't generally have this with lexapro start up, but it's happening during the 10 to 15mg up dose.

Here's the issue.  My health scare was ALSO related to my hands. Am I manifesting a week of burning hands and feet or is this something that is a side effect of Lexapro?  Even if I don't have it on 10mg?  I've never raised my dose before so I'm not sure how that whole cycle works.


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