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What DBT skills did you practice today?  Today I am practicing ABC PLEASE and nonjudgmental stance. 

Opposite action. I really didn't want to go to the doctor, but I went anyway.

Willing hands - I’m at a doctor’s office and have to wait thirty minutes and have a history of trauma in a medical setting

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Yes @dancesintherain Those positive self-affirmations are useless. They have never worked for me...CBT is not helpful for me either.

Really struggling with self-acceptance/radical acceptance. Any advice anyone here has received from therapists? My tdoc says I should "talk to myself and give myself encouragement, praise, acknowledgement and patience, like you would treat a child" ..but I'm not a mother so this is a bit weird for me, but I do know that I would never tell my child (or anyone for that matter) the sorts of things that i tell myself.

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1 hour ago, deeschmee said:

I'm really starting to get Radical Acceptance.

It just sort of stuck with me

Nice--that's a really hard one for me.  In the sense that when I was learning it in group, I had to leave the group room in tears and speak with the second therapist who was in the group (they did one to teach it and one to observe/handle crises)...almost every time.  Fortunately it was only four weeks. ;-) I think the big piece is that we were working in individual therapy on the CSA at the time and as much as they told us that acceptance didn't mean that it was okay, I still felt like it was trying to make it okay. 

I've been distracting with activities and I've been sensory self-soothing.  I've got a lot going on that I just have to wait until Tuesday to discuss with my therapist, so distress tolerance it is.

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51 minutes ago, dancesintherain said:

I'm chaining distress tolerance skills together.  I think my brain is still recovering from the flashback.  Mostly distracting with activities with some sensory self-soothing thrown in. And started with Ice.

??? because hugs are the best and I need em too

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i went for opposite action.  The emotions were fear and sadness.  My urge was to isolate and do nothing.  Instead, I called a friend and asked if she was free to come over (she is) and we talked on the phone while she was temporarily stuck at her place.  Because I wanted her to have a place to sit, I had to relocate some things off the sofa.  And because the trash was ready to go, I got that done.


i still fear and sadness, but it’s not as bad.

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Today I’m working on:

Pleasant Events: planning out my day tomorrow (yes, I find this enjoyable) and maybe buying a jade drinking glass I saw in a store.

Values: Text hubby something nice.  Brainstorm with therapist types of nice texts I can send.

Cope ahead: Urges for contacting a person.  I just ended a destructive and interfering relationship with them.

Mindfulness of thoughts: 5 min meditation imagining releasing a bird with my hands to let go of each thought.

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